Hi I'm RC! I'm new to this instance!

I'm a 32 year old pan, poly trans lady with a massive chip on her shoulder.

I normally post about video games (mostly Sonic games, JRPGs, and various indies), old anime, board game design, and work frustrations.

When I'm feeling good I'll post selfies and post about food.

When things get real, I'll post about social science deep dives, queer theory, and general pro-union anarcho-communist stuff.

I'll be going to grad school in October and I'm trying out some new hobbies (drawing, streaming, learning German). So I'll be navigating some interesting life changes!

If you want to see me semi-competently handle some challenges or just wanna see cute selfies and dorky opinion, gimme a follow!

@lapis oh jeez, well the most recent one I played was the Tenchi Muyo RPG for the Super Nintendo (it was not good)

Lemme rattle off some favorites: Wild Arms 1-3, Dark Cloud 2, Valkyria Chronicles 1&4, FFIX, FFT, FFX-2, Bravely Default.

There are a few others. I'm doing a replay of FFIX with the Moguri Mod rn. I'm probably going to stream it in a week or so.

@RC I loved Bravely Default, despite its problems.

And I was the wrong age to play FFIX when it came out so I really got to play it now.

I've heard of everything on your list but Tenchi Muyo (though maybe that's a good thing :blobcheeky:​ ) and I know those are solid games.

@lapis I saw you are a Suikoden fan, I've had so much difficulty getting into that series. I must have played the first few hours of Suikoden 2 dozens of times!

@RC Suikoden II is so good :blobsob:

I don't really have any advice for getting into the series (other than maybe "use a guide" lol). I think 2 is the best one to get into because it's fairly polished, but if you can't get into it, you can't get into it 🤷

@lapis I cringe at the use a guide tip, but, yeah, sometimes that's the best approach!

I basically winged it on Bravely Default on hard and it was the one of my best gaming experiences. But, I had more time then...

There are a bunch of different ways to enjoy a game though!

@RC hey, welcome to elekk! that’s a pretty solid list of rpgs you’ve got there. good luck with the school :)

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