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@Pixelchristi fwiw - if you haven't already - think about punting some cash @noelle 's way - she's done an mazing job making this a safe space to be for all of us.

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Hey elekkians! I'm shifting over to - where the cool old folks are.

This is hopefully my last instance move so I'm hoping some of you will connect with me over there. and yes I know for some of you that'll be the second time!

You can get me here: @Pixelchristi

You're all lovely people, and I do hope some of you will stay connected.


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Oh my word! Into the Breach releases on Switch today.

/But I'm not seeing it in the store. Hmm. It's going to be just the US isn't it? Gah.


Don't forget there's another Ninty indie direct in just under 2 hours (5pm UK time ).

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So a bucketload of chaos-spawn, a chaos marine & an Assassin Sniper Inquisitor walk into a warp infested space station.. the longlas rifle toting sister of death empties an initial full auto salvo in to clear skirmishers at entrance & expends its energy store in a prismatic shot that relfects around the room frazzling the remaining unclean. Hololithic projections of herself summoned, she drops to twin death blades, hits marine with bladestorm who simply expires. She flexes.

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Another reliable and entertaining for and jrpg fans, is the "Axe of the Blood God" where Kat Bailey & Nadia Oxford +guests delve deep into varied RPG realms. Covers a wide spectrum of role playing games, and is always interesting. Definitely in my weekly rotation, plus the intro music is excellent.

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Streaming some more ONI, trying to get to them space rockets!

Come through and hang out o/

#twitch #gameing

I quite like the week after a big games expo like because that's often when the smaller, more interesting stuff surfaces.

Things like A Plague Tale:

Looks like a dark ages Last of Us in some ways. Gruesome, but very very interesting imo.

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The Sun is 150 million km away. That's a greater distance than any human has ever travelled.

Every second 1.8 trillion trillion trillion photons of sunlight hit the surface of Earth and, despite that distance, they still make the plants grow and feel warm against your skin.

And honestly, I never stop being amazed by this.

@Loa sorry dude! Could have sworn I followed you back last week!

Any Guild wars 2 folk run the game on a Surface Pro 4? Think of getting my whole family going with it, but to do that we need to get one copy running on an SP4

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Finished recording the Clod of War , nice to get another proper episode done with the three of us - after various holidays. Just spent my spare hours filling all my character slots in W40k Inquisitor Martyr on PS4, so I have my playthroughs worked out. One for co-op, one for brrrrrrrp gunning, one for sniping, one for stabby stabby, one for manipulating the warp & frazzling the enemy protected by the void. Simples. Neocore can do no wrong in my lovey dovey eyes. They just do what I like!

Anyone know if is still busy? Waiting ages to get summoned and don't /think/ I'm over levelled.

Would suck if it's quiet these days. I live for .

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So I hate to just blurt this out all of a sudden, but a friend of mine could really use your help.

He lives in Portland and is about to get evicted from his residence and all of his contingencies have either fallen through or flaked out on him.

He has a car, an at-home job, and is able to support his board, just not a room.

If you have or know someone with a spare bedroom within 18 hours of Portland, please DM me. And I would really appreciate if you could boost this for visibility!!

Recording done! Felt a bit rusty hosting it tbh. Despite the weekly bonus episodes I've been doing.

Great fun to do though. :)

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