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Selfie, eye contact 

Idk have another selfie I guess. Feel not gross I guess which is why I took one.

Its been 3 years since Sense8 ended. I still miss the show.

Played some Valorant. IDK if I like it or not. Maybe it was just the one game but it was so onesided and awful and kept going on forever.

X gonna give it to you unless it pertains to his taxes in which case he will not give it to you

Tried Blade and Sorcery and now I have motion sickness lol

I have 5 keys for Age Of Wonder III lol

If anyone wants one hmu.

I need a new phone. Was highly considering a pixel 3a xl and then found out for whatever reason boost wont let you use them. nice.

game list. Set I 

Age of wonder 3
Iron sky invasion
Endless Space® - Collection

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game list. Set H 

Random 15 keys

Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire
Heli Heroes
Close the Window!
My Super Tower 2
O'Fox life
World War II: Panzer Claws
Chocolate makes you happy
Numberline 2
Chicken Shoot Gold
Five Keys to Exit
Pixel War

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game list. Set G 

Set G (Cont)

Happy Santa, Hooligan Vasja: Christmas, Hooligan Vasja: Halloween

Out of the 51 keys, 20 were repeats. Out of those 51, it said I owned 10 and would time out before it said what games they were

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game list. Set G 

Set G

illie, Glitch Simulator 2018, ISIS Simulator(greeaat stuff on steam), battle of frigates, Bitcoin Collector, aMAZE Dark Times, CRYLINE, chocolate makes you happy 2, chocolate makes you happy 3, chocolate makes you happy 7, Chocolate makes you happy New Year, Circle Ball, Click.O.Fast, Crazy Scientist, Cucu, Cyber Utopia, Data mining, DeFaster, Deadly Sky, Dragons Dungeon: Awakening, Dungeons of Kremlin: Remastered, Eared Hero, FACE, Forest Guardian, Froggy BOI

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Set F ( :f: to me for doing this)

Road of Danger, NekoBooM!, Psi Project 2, ROMBY, Randomizator, Psychical Madness, N.E.U.F.O, - Occult preRaise -, Outrunner 3, Proviant, SHARK

Golden Key.... Guns of Icarus...

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Set E (cont)

Owl Simulator, 25 Cadre of Death, Defence to death, Deponia: The Complete Journey and the last one... target speed.

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alright.. SET E (why did I do this)

The Guard of Dungeon, Pixel Puzzles Junior, Forest Woodman, Puppies vs Undead, Deep Ocean Rush, House of Evil, Race Race Racer, Earth 2140, One Day for Ched, The I of the Dragon, Satellite Reign, Square Head Zombies, Witch The Bloodlines, FallenCore, Polaris, Tomb Reader: TrapLand, Barbarian Souls, Blood Branched Sakura, Post Soviet Zombies, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Nanoworld, 33 Rounds, Divan Chronicles, DiRT Rally, Breach

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Set D (VR games)

Heaven Island, Dungeon Puzzle VR - Solve it or die, All Alone: VR, Perfect Angle VR Zen edition and Fancy Slingshot VR

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Out of all of those games I think maybe 12 had store pages

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Set C (cont)

Best Time Kill, - Occult RERaise -, StrainZ-1: Elimination, Warlock Revenge, aMAZE Classic Inverted, Tanks vs Demons, - Occult Raise -

Bonus Keys

Army Craft, - Arcane preRaise-, Glowing Sokoban, The Orion Suns and finally... Suicideville

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Set C (cont)

The Battle for the Hut, Space Hero Line, TheLooppy, VODKA, Space Shock 3, Athopiu The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate, Cowboy's Adventure, aMAZE ABC, Stolen Mouth, Triggering Simulator ( :blobglare: ), The Old Kazulka, aMAZE Untouchable, - Arcane RERaise -, Chocolate makes you happy, Tod Stein, ZAMBI 2 KIL, Super Meat Shooter, aMAZE ZER0, AfterTime, Doka 2 Trade, SEXUAL GIRL, aMAZE Double, Wasteland Gossip, Asset Flip Simulator, Youtubers Clicker, Bad Shooter 2

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