I haven't had cable even once in my adult life, and a big reason for that is that literally every time I see what's on Food Network at a relative/hotel/lobby cable box it's always goddamned Diners Drive Ins and Dives. Like, I shit you not, the TV guide tonight was just a solid 6 hours of DDD. Why would I pay $150 a month so that I can not watch the one channel I have even a vague interest in. How does the head of programming at Food Network still have a job?

Remember Alton Brown? The Bill Nye of food? What ever happened to airing his shows? Hell, even Chopped was kind of interesting because you got to see different chef's takes on the same ingredients, though the reality TV angle got old really fast.

Just give me a show where people make food and talk about food, and it isn't Guy Fieri doing a commercial for a restaurant. This isn't rocket surgery.


@Sandrockcstm have you seen Adam Ragusea on YouTube? He’s basically Alton Brown but on YouTube

@Morgan I think I have! I'll have to look him up later to confirm but I definitely have a few food tubers on my subscribe list. That seems to be where the medium has moved to.

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