First ever hollow knight rando and my first item is Unbreakable Strength. That'll be useful for quite a while i think

My experience so far is figuring out some absolutely galaxy brained shit to get to more and more places and all the checks being hallownest seals

I can't get into greenpath because i don't have anything that does ranged damage but i've been to fucking ancient basin

this was the last check i could think of so i saved up 3000 geo, not realizing that you'd be able to see what you get before actually putting the money in

this sucks


i forgot

i literally just had to go here ._.

i got mantis claw and longnail, enough to get me past the baldur if i really want

which i think i do

still don't have fireball but i just made it into greenpath from above, headed west from the crystal peaks over dirtmouth

I'm wearing two unbreakable charms, my nail has been upgraded twice, i have the wall jump, the double jump, and the shade cloak... I have never felt this prepared for Hornet 1

Aw I wanted to see if she had dream nail dialogue here but I was too slow

Vengeful Spirit is a fucking essence purchase lmao

Gonna see if I can get away with not buying it, I've come this far

Uuuugh I beat the white palace but because I didn't get the hardcoded item there (because it's a randomizer) it didn't kick me out and I have to benchwarp

It's not the hardest by any stretch of the imagination, but Lost Kin is the worst fight in the game by far

Every fight in the game is about staggering the opponent and healing, except for this one where being staggered doesn't mean shit fuck you

Largely for my own benefit but: I found the lantern last night, so when I hop back in I can start checking the dark areas

oh i have a post i wanted to make yesterday but couldn't, bc the internet was out and i was posting from my phone

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