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#introductions - Hi I'm a new convert from twitter looking for a timeline that hasn't been curated by a company telling me what I want to read about/buy.

I expect I'll be tooting about #Politics #Football #scifi #comics #videogames and other such nerdy stuff.

I live in #Dunfermline #Fife #Scotland

I write for

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this is an important announcement!

you're cool and i'm glad you're here, i hope you enjoy your stay

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Tip for newbies: You can ask us about the memes here that you don't understand and we'll try to explain!

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One other note for new users: There are a couple timelines available to you.

Home timeline - Toots/boosts only from people you follow. This is sipping from a water fountain.

Local timeline - Toots/boosts from anyone on your instance. This is drinking from a garden hose.

Federated timeline - Toots/boosts from anyone on ANY instance that yours knows about. This is drinking from the fire hose.

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It's spring here so this morning I am deciding to dress to the season.

The skin under my eyes are wearing the popular "crumbling and flaking away" look. Got to love it.

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while reading, I just came across the raddest name for a "dandyish thug" in the late 18th/early 19th c.:


is that fucking great or what?

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- 2/3 of all new power in 2016 was renewable!

- Coal production peaked 4 years ago!

- In the past 20 years tree-planting in China, India & S Korea removed >12bn t of CO2 from the atmosphere – 3x EU annual emissions! #PositiveNews #environment 🌍

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your timeline has been blessed by the #gameing kitty

like to find a power moon
boost to inhabit her floofy form with your magical mustache hat
ignore to receive 0 cuddles and lose a heart

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Just cracked 7k words! Let's see how long this crazy train can last

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Today isn’t the end of anything, really. It’s the beginning...You’re going to do great things. You’re going to surprise yourself with what you’re capable of & what you achieve...All you have to do is not quit. Take a day off, but don’t quit. Keep fighting, keep thinking, keep making, keep trying something new. Hold on tight to what matters to you, stand up for what’s right, & keep your eyes on the horizon. It all starts today. It all starts with one step forward. - Warren Ellis

Any of y'all doing this year? I'm trying it this year as an attempt to worldbuild a fantasy city. I'd love some company/motivation so feel free to add me:

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Alright doing a poll of people here on the fediverse who feel they need help writing a better resume so they can get a job.

1) Would you like me to help you?
2) Would you be interested in this at all?

Why am I doing this? Because queer people need to be able to live.

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ask me anything and I'll give you an answer as it would be given by an alien who doesn't know the real answer but doesn't want to look stupid

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@Monzz two main down sides to joining now:
1. Yes, the xpac costs a lot. They have been bundling the last xpac in for free when they release the new one, so maybe you can save that way
2. The zones are a bother to get around without flying, which is a chore to get. Highmountain, the best zone imho, is the most painful without.

Guys I'm thinking about picking up my sub again. I haven't played since Draenor, Legion isn't that appealing to me but the new xpac they announced looks fun.

I'm considering picking up Legion now and wombling through the content mostly solo. The cost of the xpac is my frustration, I'm ok paying for a month if I'm playing that month but with so little content between xpacs that cash seems to just be building more golden thrones at Blizzard.

Any advice? @Mycroft?

This was my today. Not the most artistic pic but there are some good memories attached. I'm not often at a event on a Friday night, so it was unusual, but I needed the company tonight. They were all super supportive about me starting therapy and I felt very appreciated.

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