What are some features that can be dropped into almost any game and instantly make it better for you?

For me, it's stuff like this:

- customizable homes
- customizable characters
- day/night system, and preferably a calendar system
- free moving camera

Like, even if the rest of the game has little to do with any of this, I'll take it and dump a bunch of time into it. It helps me feel grounded in the game's world long-term as I go through the rest of the game's content.

@MisterBeret Customizable clothes are a big one for me, especially colors. I like switching up my character's appearance often. Keeps things fresh.

@MisterBeret Linux support, FOV slider, female character, custom naming of items and pets.

@MisterBeret Linux support fov slider graphic settings that you don’t have to edit a config file to make the game look like a potato

@MisterBeret free saving. And autosaving every 5ish min.

Clothing changes and overall customization.

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