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Hi there! I'm Mercury / Emily (use whichever you prefer; I like both names). I'm a genderqueer woman in my 30s. Please use they/them or she/her when talking about me. I'm white and burn stupidly easily.

I'm currently a student at the University of Sheffield, reading Korean Studies with Japanese. I'm learning the Korean language via intensive courses five days a week, the Japanese language "for non-specialists" two days a week, and some historical and cultural classes thrown in the mix.

I love to knit and I design knitting patterns. My Patreon and Ko-fi links are in my bio if you want to support me. I mainly design fingerless gloves and plushies, but I'm trying to branch out into hats, scarves, and shawls.

As you might guess from my username, I love the Legend of Zelda series. I prefer the 2D games over the 3D ones. I also love Mercury from Sailor Moon. Not represented by my username are my love of: 1960s/1970s/1980s music (shout outs to Genesis, The Beatles & Madness), Columbo and most detective shows, Star Trek (especially Deep Space Nine), cooking, BTS, and bubble tea.

Basically I just like talking to people so please feel free to interact! 💚

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my gender is *garbled Silent Hill radio static*

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If you ever need yarn ideas or knitting support

@ meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

There are few things in the world I love more than helping people do crafty stuff

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hey, it's me, your caring weird aunt friend, telling you to take care of yourself, encouraging you to dye your hair all the colours you want, knitting you gifts, and handing you back to your parents at the end of the day

Hey! I'm trying to see something, so please boost this!
If you're bilingual (*fluent* in two languages and speak both on a regular basis), please answer this poll!! (it's multiple choice)
*in the third option, I mean the level of someone who only speaks one language at a native speaker's level
**in the fourth option, I mean you feel as if you can't hold up to standards of a native speaker's level and it makes you feel out of place, eg. in groups of native speakers, at work etc.

hi friends, I love you all very very much

sorry I'm not online as much lately - school is taking up most of my brain

please add me on Discord / Telegram / WhatsApp / KakaoTalk if you want to chat. DM me for usernames etc.

I wrote three paragraphs in Korean and they all make sense, holy moly this feels good

Oh ya I figured I should post this! Came up with a small heart based health bar design but it turned out too small for a pin backing so I turned it into a keychain! Super happy with how it turned out and now pumped for what other keychain stuff I can experiment with.



hi. i'm extinct. i'm a bat. i'm a queer (enby/agender), 30-something, mixed Japanese & Native American. i'm also a communist, and a virgo.

i'm an illustrator & comic artist. i draw OCs, fanart, furry, creepy, cute & weird stuff. i also do lewd art.

i stream my art a few days a week.

i tend to shitpost a lot.

commissions usually open.

i own/run and i rep #nightcrew


well Train to Busan has destroyed me emotionally and I have to somehow sleep now

Guess who has a new car that has ignition issues and decided to slip into accessory every day and destroy the battery????

Me. It's me.

If anyone wants to help me out so I can pay my bills AND repair my car, here's my paypal.


The Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (which you can read about and download for free here: is so cool!

Legibility is more art than science: what's more legible for one person will be The Worst for someone else, and that's especially true for visually impaired people. But this font looks amazing to me, it just pops out of the screen and is drastically easier to read than my old favorites.

Korean is good. Japanese is good. Language learning....... is good

commissions are drying up, but if you want one you can find one here

i'm basically out of income at this point

It's ! Here's (one of) the crochet blankets I've been working on for years! If part of you ever says to make an adult-sized blanket, don't do it. Learn from my mistakes!!!

asking for financial help, urgent, plz boost if u can 

hey y'all, sorry to do this again. we had a reduction in benefits due to me getting a small adult dependant's grant from student finance, and it's gonna be a 2 week wait on my student finance

we now have less than £20 to last until it comes through and i'm stressed as heck rn and it's messing with my health

my commissions are open but i'm only taking on a couple of them cuz of my workload right now and there's a 2+week wait

or if anyone can donate that would be awesome​

Fediverse, I am curious.

At what point is someone a friend to you?

Like if you were in a college and talked to the same 3 people after a class you shared, would you be friends? Or something between friend and acquaintance?

Or people - at what point do you call them friends (other than sharing someone you don't know's joke and insisting your friend told it to you)?

I assume I'm not alone in saying if you've been burned a lot or abused before, the line becomes hazy.

But please share your responses, and I will boost them unless they're followers-only or you say otherwise.


So some of my tribe may have found signs of ice age civilization while exploring our cultural lands.

Which is really fucking cool actually.

My new avatar is by @scoots! You should commission them!

Or help them set up their home printing studio!

US Politics (Election and mental health) please read and boost :boost_ok:​ 

So this week I made sure I had a therapy appointment scheduled after the election.

I HIGHLY recommend (if you are able) you also schedule yourself one for the Wed-Friday after the election.

No matter how you think the election is gonna go, having a therapy appointment the day after the election in 2016 really made a difference for me.

I am not doomsdaying here, (though if you are able, please vote) but I suspect whether or not Biden wins, I will need therapy that day if only for the sheer anxiety in the buildup.

Please schedule one ASAP (assuming you can do therapy) because we are about a month away, and I don't know about you, but my therapist books several appointments in advance.

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