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If you ever need yarn ideas or knitting support

@ meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

There are few things in the world I love more than helping people do crafty stuff

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I waited until my 33rd birthday to officially launch my Patreon page. Mercurial Knits is now on Patreon! Blog post with more details here: Thank you for your continued support! 💚​

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hey, it's me, your caring weird aunt friend, telling you to take care of yourself, encouraging you to dye your hair all the colours you want, knitting you gifts, and handing you back to your parents at the end of the day

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Hi there! I'm Mercury / Emily (use whichever you prefer; I like both names). I'm in my 30s. I'm genderqueer but also consider myself cis. Please use they/them or she/her when talking about me. I'm white and burn stupidly easily.

Starting Autumn 2020, I'll be attending the University of Sheffield's School of East Asian Studies, reading Korean Studies with Japanese. I love languages and I'm excited to get a degree in a subject I'm passionate about.

I love to knit and I sometimes design knitting patterns. I also go by MercuryZelda on Ravelry.

As you might guess from the username, I love the Legend of Zelda series, but I prefer the 2D games over the 3D ones. Right now, I'm super into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. PM me if you want to be Switch friends. :)

Basically I just like talking to people so please feel free to interact! <3

Sheffield Adventure; food (with pic) 

I had to go on public transport (the train) today to get to the University of Sheffield to pick up my student ID card. I went to the wrong building 🙃 which was my own fault but I managed to stop panicking, figure out the correct building, and then walk the 8/10ths of a mile to get there. I made it with 5 minutes to spare lmaooooo.

on the plus side, I know have my student ID card and I got to pick up takeaway sushi from my favourite restaurant which I haven't been to since... January? So I was happy to get that. Husband got the normal sushi platter & I got the vegan sushi platter because, uh, I don't like most seafood lmao.

money help, boosts +++ 

hello i’m too depressed to make a real post explaining the circumstances but i need money for rent and food. rent isn’t due for another week or two but the food situation here isn’t great and we don’t have much. :((( please help a fellow enby out. i’m trying to support myself and my girlfriend right now as neither of us are able to work currently.

i have venmo and cash app also but they deadname me so please dm for that info

*a crush transitions*

Bisexuals: “Hahaha you can’t escape me that easily”

re: upset screaming about UKpol & USpol 

seriously, why do my country of birth and my adopted country both have to be complete and utter racist shitheads to everyone who isn't lily-white, not to mention be bigots to everyone who isn't cis, hetero, Christian, etc. etc. etc.

I fucking know why (patriarchal white supremacy) but god it just makes me so mad and I can't DO ANYTHING other than scream and give my money to good causes when I can afford it

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upset screaming about UKpol & USpol 

fucking forced sterilisation at ICE camps, what in the flying fuck?!?!?!? How is any of this okay???? How the fuck are these people STILL being punished for fucking existing????

and the UK is going to just break the law because fuck Europe apparently, "what has the EU ever done for us" while more brown migrants, refugees as if that even matters to these racist fucks, die in captivity or drown trying to get free from literal war and they don't fucking care

I can't fucking deal with it!!!! Why the fuck does everyone in power have to be racist fucking shitheads?!?!?!

Hey, look at this thing my friend Mint wrote on why he left.

You'll probably make fun of it like you do with the daily dot article.

But maybe you'll read it and... think? Reflect? Change?


Finished all the black outlining! I think I'm going to finish all the purple next on the outside before starting the yellows inside

Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

:yell:​ FLU SHOT INFO :yell:

please remember to get your flu shot this year!

september or october are the best months to get it, because then you'll be covered for the whole flu season!

remember it takes about 2 weeks to 'kick in' and protect you!

remember it's worth getting even if they didn't guess the exact right strain - you still get partial protection (so if you get the flu, it will be much more mild)! it is ESPECIALLY worth getting because of covid-19 - we don't need more people in hospitals either way, and one can open the door for the other!

if you're in the US, here's some resources! lists some flu shot deals! most of these depend on having insurance, but please note that costco charges a flat 20 dollars for no insurance, and you can use a costco pharmacy without a membership! is another list of costs without insurance, and has more resources on how to get various discounted or even free flu shots!

remember your local department of health! you can call 211 or 311 to get information in your area. there's also this great directory of local health departments. many local health departments will offer flu shots for FREE or for a greatly reduced price!

the cdc also has a comprehensive website with a flu vaccine finder!

IF YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO EGG: there is a version of the flu vaccine made without it that you can get, just ask ahead of time!

IF YOU HAVE A PHOBIA OF NEEDLES: the nasal spray vaccine is not quite as effective, but it is still good to get! read up on it here:

a flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months or older!

if you have other conditions that mean the flu vaccine is contraindicated for you, talk to your doctor! you may find that there are other variations of the vaccine you can have! (or that you need to protect yourself another way if you are immunocompromised, etc. - like making sure everyone around you gets vaccinated!)

COVID-19 mention 

I had to go outside and mail something at the Post Office, and people were about 1/3 compliant with wearing masks... but about 15-20% of the people wearing masks were wearing them incorrectly :( Please don't let me get the rona

Star Trek: Voyager S1:E6 discussion 

Ugh this episode is killing me, they think they've found a wormhole but it's a rift in space AND time and they meet a nice Romulan from 20 years ago 😭 But he's dead 16 years in the future from when they met him and I'm going to cry forever

Hi! I live in Nebraska.
According to
I live on unsurrendered
Očhéthi Šakówiŋ
Pâri (Pawnee) land.

Currently unemployed, but hey, if you know of some ArcGIS or XML work where I live @ me.

If you are considering College / University in Nebraska: DM me so I can give you some details you won't get on tours.

I got my BA in Anthropology and came to the conclusion Anthropology is a colonialist pile of shit (You could totally decolonize Anthropology, but my classes never talked about that. It was just the white cishet allosexual abled patriarchy in the classes I took)

Fan of
or a lot of and games. Big :stardewvalley:​ fan, but lately I am bad at playing games!

I also like and I'm getting into and lately! I like reading and

(especially )

I'm a big fan, but I usually talk about that elsewhere!

Me defiendo bastante bien.

I have like 4-5 fediverse accounts, but lately don't have the energy for all of them, so I'm mainly on here, Pixelfed, and Booktoot.

I Boost a lot of pictures of Cats (and sometimes dogs) so if you don't like that, either turn off my ability to boost or mute those keywords.

I'm really shy so please interact (by posting/replying) before following!

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