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NEVERMIND! Sold to somebody else, the hunt continues

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Latest in my GameCube adventures: Saw somebody selling one for $10 but I'm at a.con all weekend. Here's hoping we can work something out. Just waiting for a response from the seller

Happy new year. In one years time I expect to be in a completely different state and among friends instead of the friction set in familial obligations

Been looking at GCN and Gameboy player pricing for if and when I decide to stream but they're expensive and alternatives just as much

I'm up now and it's way too early. A nasty tooth ache was keeping me up, but the moment I blow my nose it practically stops.

Fuck sinuses!

Anybody else get into the classic Christmas pickle where you got dupes of the same gift?

I got 3 copies of Hat in Time on switch, thankfully I have a gift receipt for 1 but I am unsure how to offload the other. Thinking about taking a loss on MSRP and selling through the normal channels.

I remember a time there was long stretches of time between games, now there is just so many good ones.

But I also have a disposable income now to experience more games.

I do wonder if it's like 70% perception

Been up since 3:45 in order to work a shift starting at 5:30 am. I never want to do this again


I am not British but it's still bumming me out. I am 100% go to be okay but I worry about the US election I worry about my friends. I just want to protect everyone.

I am making a point to see anamanaguchi tonight despite being sleep deprived most of this week and an early shift tomorrow

Why yes I am replaying Sword in Spanish all to farm Ditto and gain an edge in trading while the getting's good

Why yes my Spanish is incredibly rusty

I think I finally understand that Post-Avatar depression everybody was talking about.

Anyway I am about to board a plane to leave Oregon and fly back to Arizona.

Pokemon SwSh 

I feel kinda bad wiping out the teams of Pokemon the miners need for work, but they did start it

"Pokemon! Pokemon! Pokemon!" I chant as the 9:00 hour rolls closer on the Pacific Timezone

I have been taking today easy but I am dying to play Pokemon that still doesn't unlock for 7 more hours

Don't be me: currently trying to bum a GBF code from any of my friends who might be getting Granblue Versus

I don't normally buy classic games from GameStop but they had a BOGO deal on retro.

Ya boy is finally getting those GCN Pokemon games legit. Some time after Sw/Sh I am going to have to go through with that ribbon challenge instead of just making big talk.

I just had my long ass hair get trimmed to shoulder length and it's been liberating

I hate that I am sucked into reading every article about paying debt off. I already know the answer to that.

It's either "own property" or "make x income" where x is almost always twice what I earn.

I just want to stop having student loans and actually save more money.

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