Bout to have a phone interview, give me your energy

@mint looking like you came out on top this gala! I keep seeing everyone get what they want and it make me happy.

Further animal crossing embargoes have been lifted and reviews are starting to come in.

Also the that damn song is starting to bring tears to my eyes when I hear it.

Embargo on some ACNH footy lifted today and my serotonin levels have been recharged for another day

On this, the night of my "first" anniversary I would like to share the cake toppers my wife put together

@carodjah yeah, def take it easy. Hope you end up feeling better

@kelerak2 I agree early game can be a slog. You can always wait until the game goes on sale and grab it then. By that point more established players should be able to help speed up the early game.

Also there's always time traveling.

I made (what I think is) a quality shit post on :birdsite: but I also feel it's currently under appreciated

@titangigante Being home is the good part, this parking lot is cut throat

@titangigante I misread that as nightmare and honestly may have been projection

@Ole Strongly agree, especially that second point.

My GameCube quest continues: the Gameboy player arrived, but I couldn't get the memory card to work and I had to return the windwaker game because it would not play.

I'm just trying to use a software exploit to run the Gameboy player. Not asking for the world here.

New Rule: If you open Paint or leave a Paint window open, you gotta draw a little character

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