‪Husband walks out of room: “What is that burning?”‬

‪Sees me walking around burning herbs to cleanse the house.‬

‪Walks back into room silently.‬

I am now on a search for Godzilla:Save the Earth for PS2.

Guys, this is my new baby Indiana. He is a hypo strawberry anery (possibly red factor) corn snake. About 8ish months old. I recieved him from a great breeder!

I drew a snake with a crystal and sunflowers! First time doing art in Procreate.

My friends and family are probably going to want me at work so I stop bugging them at all hours of the day. Ha ha ha

Last night I was reading a Batman book to my child before bed, and we got to a part where Batman has to rescue a cat out of a tree....and he jumps up and yells "Time to call Power Rangers!!!!". So, I guess Batman was not sufficient enough for this task.

1. I hit the point in my intermittent fasting that it feels intolerable. 2. I'm grumpy and tired. 3. I'm finally watching the last 6 episodes of Superstore left on Hulu. Hopefully that will cheer me up.

I think it is safe to say that I am slightly allergic to ant bites. :( Not being able to scratch them is the worst.

Plush Dragon adoptable. They were originally going to be a new OC but I wasn't feeling it. Selling for $45. DM or reply to claim.

💖 Payment via PayPal (invoiced)
💖 No holds
💖 DO NOT resell for profit
💖 You may edit the design/gender to your liking
💖 Buyer receives fullsize

My husband surprised me today with these cute emoji bath fizzies. ha ha!

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