"Can we dress this voodoo doll like you?"
"Yeah but only if u kiss it goodnight every night"

Babies are a psyop invented by big condom to sell more condoms

Why is anyone ever mean to me? Im so tiny and perfect. Leave me alone!

Guys don't punch me too hard in the pit ima start moaning fr :/

If they try to arrest me for shoplifting alcohol I simply will wall away. What are they gonna do arrest me? I'm already leaving.

Wait. Bill Lep funny guy in the new episode of Man vs. History commits a war crime?? Wtf???

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f slur owo 

i think i would be better at making friends with like, faggots

My boyfriend is blaming me that he cant read the tl while hes been scrolling through the tl for like an hour smh my head


Penos penis penis penis

I should just be like my mom and have a super villain arc from ages 20-40 ish

Always take a dude shaving on the first date. U never know what he looks like under that shit.

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taking this brave opportunity to come out as being anti-woman

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the sexual revolution was bad cause they revolutionized sex and i still can’t get any!

Biggest symptom of adhd is when you...uhhh...I forgorr

My most controversial political opinion is when guys are short <3 😏

Not mullet in non-binary frog cool punk do drugs way but in Jim from Muppets Treasure Island

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bitches be talkin about the balls, like bitch, why dont you talk about my gaping bussy instead

*trying to blend in with boomers* "yeah I for one think that they should sculpt a photo realistic penis onto mr. Potatohead"

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You should never trust a gamer or weeabo when they tell you something is badly translated. They have no sense of humor and think every other Japanese word is too mystical and sophisticated to be translated.

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