I think minorities should be allowed to carry and use weapons for self defence

Harassment, ableist slurs 

Im very upset and angry after being harassed on the bus by a group of 4 14 year old girls going to a festival, they threw things at me and kept touching my hair and closing my window, i shouted at them and called them fucking freaks, they kept throwing stuff and touching me, i shouted again saying im trying to get home from fucking work can they fuck off, they noticed my backpack had my pronouns and then they started being transphobic to be, calling me a fat fuck, i got up, told them to choke and get in a car accident (both non-threats) and went downstairs to avoid them, i say it to the driver, he does nothing about it and says they are getting off soon, they eventually come down stairs and again call me a "fat handicap" and touched my hair, all i could say was get in a car accident, i broke down and cried like 5 mins after they got off, no one on this nearly full bus asked if i was ok, this city is dead.

I wish death to the festering remains of dublin city, this city is dead and its people should follow in its footsteps

re: sorry 

i just think if a girl is wearing pastels or stilettos or like maybe a cute apron and is also undergoing a personal mental health crisis it should be legal for her to kill people

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Im gonna turn website boy into website girl

hrt, advice appreciated 

@AgathaSorceress my source sells androcur for like 50 at it lasts half a year at 12.5mg

Help my insane bunny wife is growling at images of giraffes saying that they should eat cabbage

@LaComtesseRouge the dude can also shut down robots with his brain and thats an ability i think all trans people have

@bobthedragon hey this is a really good comic thank you for making this

I drew this comic a while back, and with the start of another pride month with another slew of terrifying things going on, here is my comic about Feeling Safe and lashing out against the phrase "you don't have to make your sexuality your whole personality"

CW for describing a memory of people being transphobic, but I think it's worth not blurring the entire comic for it

@theauracle this site is alot healthier than birdsite, even if theres fucking idiots on it, generally they just get turned into a laughing stock for a day and them everyone blocks them and moves on, which i think is entertaining and positive

@LaComtesseRouge this is the resistance gets up to in the matrix essentially

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