Sora: "Hunh, that's funny. We're coming up on a World, but the map says there shouldn't be anything here..."
Goofy: "Well that there ain't no world, fellers."
Donald: "Waak!! It's the Death Star!!!"

I'm just saying, the Death Star should be like Monstro, navigating the void between the worlds.

"But Joshi, after KH1 the impenetrable Gummi barriers between all the worlds would be back up."

Yeah, they would. The Death Star is also the galaxy's most powerful weapon. It penetrated them.

Also, yes, Donald can identify the Death Star on sight. Just like Sephiroth.

@Joshi Sora: "Yikes! These Tie-shaped Heartless are tough! We gotta land!"
Goofy: "Let's go land on that small moon over there!"
Donald, mouth agape: "Waaaaaakk! That's no moon!!"

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