Therapist Hunting 

so i had a therapist but after 1 session, she suddenly had a family emergency come up and she had to leave. it's been 2 months and i emailed her the other day to ask when she was coming back

she said she didn't know and encouraged me to find someone else

Therapist Hunting 

i emailed a few places and a couple of them got back to me

one place said it would be 4-6 weeks before someone could get to me

another called and said they were full

and one other place emailed me back to say they're able to get me in

Therapist Hunting 

the place sent me the bios of a couple of therapists i could see for the things i need help with

one of the bios had a line that was like "i'm a friend, sister, daughter, and mother" and that just

rubbed me the wrong way but i'm not sure why??

Therapist Hunting 

i'm going with the other therapist they sent me the bio for, definitely not swayed in any way by the fact that she had a picture of her dog in her bio


Therapist Hunting 

update: i have an appointment on the 6th to do my intake!!

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