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Hi There, I'm Killian! I'm a non-binary queer person in their 20s, my pronouns are ze/hir but they/them is also fine!!
I'm a dog groomer in the PNW, and here is where I post about:

🐩Work/Working With Dogs
❤️My Gender and Sexuality
🐩 My Partners and Pets
❤️General Life Stuff
🐩 Politics
❤️Too Many Dog Posts
🐩Food, Marijuana, Alcohol (All CW'd)
❤️Being Neurodivergent
🐩Probably Other Stuff I'm Forgetting

You can also find me over at: @lowempathy

Follow Requests are OK! But can't guarantee I will accept

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kids these days, being able to see without glasses. it just isn't right

So many people want big titty goth gfs

Not enough people want big titty emopunk transmasc nonbinary date mates 😔😔😔😤😤😤

"Hurricane Ian as kept me out of work. I'm short and late on my weekly rent payment. Please help me raise $450 by Tuesday. This is urgent."
Pls help a QGNC sister out.

VENMO- @ CozyODonnell
PayPal - @ Samonejlangley
CASHAPP- $CozyODonell

($260 needed as of this posting)

please don't call my vagina 'the bat cave.' please don't drive your little batmobile models all over my labia, stopping occasionally to ask 'is this the batclit.' please don't invite your friend to join, he is not 'robin'

neopronouns is just pronouns shifting to being an open class instead of a closed one

gloryhole shut due to coronavirus
sorry for the inconvenience

oh wait, there's a character that goes in my kin onion

i cleaned my rats cage and fed them this morning, went into the room to grab something just now and saw that they had taken every single piece of food out of their bowl and sat it on the top level of their cage

"fuckin morning wood" I mutter, clearing away the dead branches and underbrush that have covered me as I slept

I would eat tacos for every meal that shit fucking slaps

I love being nonbinary because if you think I'm hot that means you're gay

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