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I don't play or in general, but I enjoy watching some people like Marz and Indeimaus play through them.


I'm sure I'm missing a lot by not getting to know the games beyond funny YouTube cuts. But does anyone know why RE 4 is regarded by many as the best in the series?

It seems almost entirely detached from the series and the main villain is weird.

Uhhhhh the new memberships are here and I was ‘automatically upgraded’ to a new tier from $60/year to freaking $120 per year. What the fuck??

Official account says everything in the showcase today should be available in the next 12 months—that includes !

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Please sign my White House dot gov petition for this stupid Lost Sector to drop the flamy boi Titan helmet PLEASE.

and other Souls-likes are basically just rhythm games. Memorize the moves, respond accordingly, wait for your opening.

Now I just need to remember this in the moment instead of panic rolling. 😂

has clearly been working through some shit with his games. 😄

But seriously, this video about the creation of is fascinating:

There’s an co-op mod for PC that changes a *lot* of mechanics to make easier and more friendly. Team up anywhere in game, your party (4 total) can all ride horses, vote on fast travel, co-op persists past death, spectate teammates if you die in a boss battle, you can turn on friendly fire 😈, and more.



Fallout tested all burst damage supers in season 17, starting from raw with no exotics/buffs all the way up to buildcrafting.

It's only 6 minutes, but TL;DW: Hunter Blade Barrage with a couple simple buffs is now top tier super damage, dealing 633K+ to Grasp of Avarice's ogre. 😱

Plus, Blade Barrage has been improved with much better tracking for the knives and of course some aspects/fragments that help more.

Trailer for the next #Destiny2 season dropped early! CW’d here 

Season of the Haunted starts tomorrow for and the trailer dropped early! Shazam:

I have 211 hours in , haven’t been in a rush to beat it, and I *just* figured out that “heal nearby allies” sorceries can heal your summons, including spirit ashes.

What’s with FromSoft and blinding women or removing an eye?

(If it matters: I’ve only played and , and seen bits of Demon’s Souls. Haven’t played the DS series or Sekiro)

I've only experienced through Indeimaus and now The Sphere Hunter. But I really like both their work, so it's fun to get these different perspectives.

A simple graphic to help y’all understand narrative, , and in video games.

Please sign my White House .gov petition to require Valve to give me a dock for my Steam Deck. You can have one too. But me first.

I've been curious. about this one: SkillUp is pretty positive about V Uprising after spending 20 hours in its early access test.

Looks like an isometric action-survival game, but with VAMPIRES.

This is an excellent video so far that explores how balances darkness with beauty, from a woman who goes by Eurothug4000 on YouTube.

I got only ~ halfway through over lunch. But she installed some camera mods to get *gorgeous* footage of areas from perspectives you likely couldn't see any other way, or at least without being attacked.

Beautiful essay and exploration of some of the game's likely artistic inspirations.

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