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The gun’s official name is actually Vex Neverdropoclast and there is no need for discussion now or ever.

TIL The Legend of Zelda was not just the first game to allow saving, the cartridge needed **a battery inside** to power the save system. 😱

The DLC “Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck” is something special.

Under all the wackiness and humor are some surprisingly touching stories about relationships and friendship, mental health, and just trying to exist as a person. Damn I love these games.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a game I plan on playing with anyone and everyone who will let me.

“One factor behind these brands’ sluggishness [to pull partnerships from Activision Blizzard] may be that this is far from the first time the gaming industry has appeared on the precipice of a -style reckoning.”

Oh but it so clearly needs one:

Pro Tip: You can adjust the volume of individual people, even in parties, and it’ll keep that setting across 1-to-1 chats and other parties. It’s been great for those friends who are perpetually quiet. Or loud. 😄

Sounds like Bungie did another online Summit with key community members. I see a few of the big PvP players speaking positively about it. That’s encouraging.

People who played or have seen the end of RE8 Villiage, I have a spoiler story question. 

At the end, when Ethan beats Miranda and grabs Rose, he starts disintegrating.

The game very deliberately hides his face for the rest of the cutscenes. Why?

Here’s a cool Reddit thread about trans characters in that spawned from a meme. I knew about Oryx, but not Micah-10.

Username in Jez’s Vex Mythoclast vid this morning: “Saint 14’s Eliksni Warcrime.” 😄

Resident Evil 8: In Lady D's dungeon, the stairs are worn from years of walking them, but because she is so tall, the wear only shows every third step.

This is an interesting alert from Returnal. Anyone know what I can do with this information?

OK I’m sold on Returnal. One of the few games I broke down and pre-ordered and I’m feeling even better about that now.

This is a great piece about Returnal’s potential to expand the indie game market in amazing new ways. I’m gettin hyped.

“Think of Housemarque as young Francis Ford Coppola with a Hollywood budget.”

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