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This is an interesting alert from Returnal. Anyone know what I can do with this information?

OK I’m sold on Returnal. One of the few games I broke down and pre-ordered and I’m feeling even better about that now.

This is a great piece about Returnal’s potential to expand the indie game market in amazing new ways. I’m gettin hyped.

“Think of Housemarque as young Francis Ford Coppola with a Hollywood budget.”

Dusting off my Doom Eternal skills to prep for Ancient Gods, then Destiny stuff with friends. Come hang!

(Yes I’m still working on getting a streaming schedule)

I don't know if this original Ask Reddit was serious or satire. But the top comments are absolute gold, followed by actual, down-to-earth dating advice and wholesome nerd couple stories.

Hey I’m going live, streaming some Dead Cells then practicing for a Destiny flawless Prophecy run. Come hang!

I’m streaming some Dead Cells and probably Doom Eternal this afternoon, then Destiny with a Deep Stone Crypt run this evening. Come hang!

I've been using the100 for a few years, am a paid supporter. It's a *great* tool for this, and the new Shareable URLs solve a big problem we've had for a while.

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Sweet, the100 has a new Shareable URL feature. This is a great way to schedule group/clan games with friends ahead of time, but still be able to invite external folks when needed. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

A variety of findings from studies into sexism in gaming:

- females are 46% of the pop
- many often undervalue their skill/experience because of stereotypes
- they are **11 times** more likely to experience sexual harassment
- and more, w/linked sources

Going to stream some space chores, leveling up for Night Falls, a Presage mission, later a quick Deep Stone Crypt run. Come hang out!

Starting my stream a little early today to do some Battlegrounds, maybe a Nightfall, then a Deep Stone Crypt sherpa run with friends. Come hang:

I love raiding, and I love helping people raid. Tomorrow I'll stream a Sherpa run of Deep Stone Crypt with some friends, starting at 1pm EST. Come hang out!

Watching Tiddly’s stream while I work, and she was talking about t-bagging.

Someone says “What’s the feminine equivalent? Clam-slamming.” 😄

As a console player, this does not currently affect me much.

As a mediocre-to-decent console player who has watched portions of the PC community rage over cheaters for the past year, I dread cross play in PvP.

I clipped playing , juking a Winter Lantern off a cliff. Never seen that one before. 😄

Oof. Digital Foundry video/discussion compares on base PS4/X1 to "what you would expect a Nintendo switch port to look like."

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