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Dusting off my Doom Eternal skills to prep for Ancient Gods, then Destiny stuff with friends. Come hang!

(Yes I’m still working on getting a streaming schedule)

I don't know if this original Ask Reddit was serious or satire. But the top comments are absolute gold, followed by actual, down-to-earth dating advice and wholesome nerd couple stories.

Hey I’m going live, streaming some Dead Cells then practicing for a Destiny flawless Prophecy run. Come hang!

I’m streaming some Dead Cells and probably Doom Eternal this afternoon, then Destiny with a Deep Stone Crypt run this evening. Come hang!

I've been using the100 for a few years, am a paid supporter. It's a *great* tool for this, and the new Shareable URLs solve a big problem we've had for a while.

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Sweet, the100 has a new Shareable URL feature. This is a great way to schedule group/clan games with friends ahead of time, but still be able to invite external folks when needed. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

A variety of findings from studies into sexism in gaming:

- females are 46% of the pop
- many often undervalue their skill/experience because of stereotypes
- they are **11 times** more likely to experience sexual harassment
- and more, w/linked sources

Going to stream some space chores, leveling up for Night Falls, a Presage mission, later a quick Deep Stone Crypt run. Come hang out!

Starting my stream a little early today to do some Battlegrounds, maybe a Nightfall, then a Deep Stone Crypt sherpa run with friends. Come hang:

I love raiding, and I love helping people raid. Tomorrow I'll stream a Sherpa run of Deep Stone Crypt with some friends, starting at 1pm EST. Come hang out!

Watching Tiddly’s stream while I work, and she was talking about t-bagging.

Someone says “What’s the feminine equivalent? Clam-slamming.” 😄

As a console player, this does not currently affect me much.

As a mediocre-to-decent console player who has watched portions of the PC community rage over cheaters for the past year, I dread cross play in PvP.

I clipped playing , juking a Winter Lantern off a cliff. Never seen that one before. 😄

Oof. Digital Foundry video/discussion compares on base PS4/X1 to "what you would expect a Nintendo switch port to look like."

Screw it. It’s Friday night, I have a PS5, so I’m going to stream a little of that Astro’s Playroom game that shows off the controller, then get back to the Destiny grind. Come hang out!

“Hey, did you wake up pissed today or something?”

- Evergreen Drifter

Did anyone playing Untitled Goose Game stop to ask who creates the tasks to do? What is their agenda, what are they trying to accomplish in the shadows of all this chaos?

No, you didn't. Don't ask questions. Obey.

It should be called Untitled SHEEP Game!

Jessi and I are doing a Diablo III run and we named our characters Becky and Karen and no you can't do anything about it.

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