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Anyone know what's going on with the instance? It's been mostly down, briefly up for me all morning.

‪One of the greatest tragedies of recent gaming is Battleborn. An incredible game, delightful characters, wonderful humor, PvE and unique PvP modes, just all around excellent.‬

‪I so wish it had done better. I still love this game.‬

Free idea: custom 3D printing and fabrication of Animal Crossing homes.

2:45:00 Sherpa + Divinity run, 2-phased final boss LET'S GOOOOOOO.

Bonus points: for one sherpee, it was their first raid ever!

‪To be clear: when you fight the mutant hot dogs, you save the senior citizens! I haven’t beat it yet.‬

‪There’s a group of foxes having a jam session. Two player couch co-op. Doesn’t feel like a super tough game, just a fun and funny platformer.‬

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Adventure Pals for Switch is a total blast with a fun sense of humor and you should totally play it.

Bad guy is turning senior citizens into hotdogs. One boss is an angry tree whose pants fall down. A giraffe lives in your backpack and helps you fly.

Them's Fightin' Herds Review

A unique, kickstarted fighting game totally not inspired by My Little Pony, with clever mechanics, an RPG-like story mode, apparently great net code, and a dash of mild humor.

I really hope this succeeds. Looks great.

“Video games, as far as we know, don’t cause violence.

But I increasingly think that’s asking the wrong question.”

Rationalizing Brutality: The Cultural Legacy of the Headshot

players who teabag in PvP matches should be banned for a week. I’m not kidding.‬

‪There are far more respectful ways to flaunt your skill than to figuratively shove a cock and balls into the mouth of a dead corpse.‬

‪You deranged fucking sickos.‬

Ok an actual obstacle course is a cute idea for events with friends.

Screw it. I'm gonna stream Doom Eternal on hard in ~ 20 minutes. Been through the game once. Time to take it up a notch.

Has anyone studied how some gaming communities actually turn out generally positive/wholesome?

Example: Bloodborne, particularly its subreddit. 100% supportive, helpful, cheering each other on and sharing info. I can't remember seeing a thread devolve into crappiness.


I propose adopting this language for gaming. As in “I bet we could 5-crew this raid," and "we got a 3-crew ready for PvP let's goooooo”


So, New Horizons is my first in the series. It’s fun, playing with Jessi is generally fun (setting aside all the ‘one island per Switch’ crap).

But I have one growing complaint about this game, and I don’t know if it’s normal for the series: we can’t USE most of this amazing stuff we get.

I can’t play the pinball machine in my game room. I can’t make coffee with my espresso machine. I can’t ride my scooter. Etc. etc etc.

Maybe Nintendo can improve some of this in an update?

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