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Eyes up guardian. Way up. Because you might be sniped from the freaking clouds.

And in case you're curious before trying them: I think they approached the topic in a helpful way.

I didn't feel condescended or insulted, they just did a good job of breaking down various topics and tactics, common mistakes new players make, etc.

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A discussion in our Slack recently focused on getting better in .

I resisted Destiny PvP since D1 day one. But I recently warmed up to it and actually enjoy it now. These two videos helped me a lot. Maybe they can help others too:

“Will Half Life Alyx sell fans on VR?”

As much as I’ve opined for Half Life 3/ep 3, as often as I’ve called its non-existence probably the greatest tragedy in gaming, I’m not buying a VR setup for one game.

But if I can play it at a gaming cafe or something for cheap, maybe.


It is mine.

Had to run IRL errands. Treated myself to a Chipotle Mountaintop Celebratory Lunch and it was some of the beat Chipotle I’ve ever had.

This is illegal Bungie. You are a criminals. GIVE ME MY MOUNTAINTOP.

Twist: I took the servers down because I’ve drawn the line on my Mountaintop progress. Just give me the damn weapon or no one gets to play.

Aral Balkan ( @aral ) at the European Parliament to talk about Facebook, Small Techs, Surveillance Capitalism, Mastodon and the Fediverse, with slides and English (and soon French) subtitles is now here :

The best part about gaming has to be worrying whether my PC video card is up to date and whether new fourth-party drivers are installed for my third-party audio controller and oh wait the game could not be loaded because the overclocking utility needs an update and actually you know just kill me because I ditched all of this 15 years ago and not a goddamn awful fucking thing has changed.

Destiny should never have come to the stupid fucking PC, and no I’m not interested in stupid opinions on this.

folks, if you wondering if Randy’s Throwing Knife is worth the grueling grind: yes 💯, if you like scouts (though even if you don’t, it shreds in PvP).

But: I still think all weapons should have both PvP and PvE grind options, like Eriana’s catalyst. That was 👍🏻👍🏻

What if Destiny. But it was, like. Bloodborne.

My wife’s parents are visiting. I love them, we get along great. But they’re watching the final non-World Series game which means I can’t shoot aliens for candy. Bah humbug.

“Oculus VR”

Huh, interesting,

“from Facebook”


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