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The 2 mission Zero Hour (heroic) has a sort of alternate ending that requires... an absurd level of simple-ish puzzle solving and tedious switch flipping and...

I think I’m offended? Yes. I think I’m offended at the absurdity of this.


(For those who care: this mission is to get and complete the catalyst for Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle, which I _really_ like)

Games should not be allowed on the Switch store unless they have a gameplay video, I don’t care how small of a team.

I get it if the dev doesn’t have it in the budget to hire an editor. But a 60 second video of gameplay is bare minimum and simple to record.

- Glimmer cap up to 250,000
- Mods don’t seem expensive to apply (think I saw 500 glimmer in one example)
- Showed off a new Titan finishing move
- More stats return from early D1 like intelligence, strength, etc.
- Armor still has a damage element (void/arc/solar), mods had badges. But they either didn’t cover that or I missed it

Deej had a great line about not sharing too much: “If you know everything about this game when it launches on October 1, we’ve done you a great disservice.”


In case you weren’t able to watch Bungie’s armor 2.0 preview for yesterday, a recap (

- Armor 2.0 looks awesome
- Armor perks will be applied via mods
- mods require slots, better mods = more slots
- armor they previewed all had 10 slots, I’m not sure if this is across the board
- You upgrade/masterwork armor to enable useable slots
- Mods are unlocked, not consumed (so once gained, you can apply them everywhere, reuse them, etc)


I’m kind of annoyed about the timing on these new PS4 controller colors.

My original white controller from the 1 launch edition finally crapped out, and one of my only replacement options was the gaudy blue camouflage. 😕

My favorite line from Bungie's Armor 2.0 stream so far:

“If you know everything about this game when it launches on October 1, we’ve done you a great disservice.”

They're previewing some things, but as it's been from day one, they want us to explore and learn and collaborate to discover the rest. I like the way he phrased that.

Bungie is about to start a livestream to preview how armor and customization will change in Shadowkeep. 🤩

Btw, if you’re not a Nazi, a respectful person, and looking for a wholesome, supportive community to hang out, learn, and LFG with Destiny folks and for other games/platforms, I’m happy to put a word in for you.

One catch: it’s Slack, not Discord. But it really is full of great folks who are helpful, patent, and just great to play with.

A Slack chat about our wholesome 450+ community (and for other games!), turning an icky Pepe frog situation into a happy chuckle, and realizing how unfortunately rare this goodness is.


Heads up community: I have it on pretty solid info* that Jotunn is just a deep-fake. It doesn’t exist.

*whereas pretty good info = my bitterness over it STILL not fucking dropping from Bergusia

US University To Offer Scholarships For Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players

We're finally competing with South Korea in offering life amenities to top gamers. 😄

Had a rough run through Gambit yesterday, trying to finish my last triumph to get the Bad Juju catalyst so… yeah I feel this one. 😄

(I got it, btw. Now just need to kill *checks notes* around 14 billion enemies to unlock it. 😕)

Rocket League won’t have loot boxes later this year

Epic owns Rocket League. The company also removed boxes from Fortnite’s PvE mode. Nice.

This video still makes me happy.

Failin' at Destiny with Hench & Friends

Hot take: I bet Microsoft didn't have to pay him much at all, they just handed him an Xbox controller.

_Maybe_ they had to throw in a free coupon for the Xbox Design Lab.

(I'm not into the PS controller and don't like PC gaming)

Please support my Kickstarter to raise funds to launch a petition to make Bungie give us the ability to track more than three pursuits at once.

“This is the 16th Call of Duty game.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

dooties.” 😄

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