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‪Holy shit, folks. I was unplugged most of the weekend and just got caught up on all the sunlight shined on the dark corners of our community.‬

‪I’m so sorry this awfulness happened, but I’m glad it could come to light. Thanks to all the brave victims who came forward.‬

"The PS5 kind of looks like a futuristic hot dog."

Sony execs say it's designed to look like decorative furniture. AYFKM

"The Xbox Series X fits my home design more because my home is not designed like The Jetsons."

Sydnee Goodman killing it. 😄

Xur PSA: his armor rolls are apparently 60+ stats this weekend. Here's hoping that's a thing now.

‪Speedrunning is such a big part of gaming culture now, but what about slowrunning a game? Or StopAndSmellTheRosesRunning? Seems ripe for innovation.‬

‪To be clear: this isn’t a 9 minute segment stuffed before the stated start time for the stream. It started at the announced stream time. Badass.‬

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Bungie starting their reveal stream for new Destiny content with an 8 minute and 46 second tribute to George Floyd, the protests going on, calling for change, and sharing links for taking action.

Wow. This is fantastic.

Any lore nerds around? I don’t play, but I like watching the cutscene movies posted to YouTube. Is there anything in the lore that explains how or why combatants are (almost?) never killed in official tournament matches, but in our one-off fights we can, uh.... obliterate each other?

This Kickstarter Switch game looks really promising (to the Bloorborne fan in me). Everyone go back it so we can unlock the multiplayer rewards tier!

Anyone know what's going on with the instance? It's been mostly down, briefly up for me all morning.

‪One of the greatest tragedies of recent gaming is Battleborn. An incredible game, delightful characters, wonderful humor, PvE and unique PvP modes, just all around excellent.‬

‪I so wish it had done better. I still love this game.‬

Free idea: custom 3D printing and fabrication of Animal Crossing homes.

2:45:00 Sherpa + Divinity run, 2-phased final boss LET'S GOOOOOOO.

Bonus points: for one sherpee, it was their first raid ever!

‪To be clear: when you fight the mutant hot dogs, you save the senior citizens! I haven’t beat it yet.‬

‪There’s a group of foxes having a jam session. Two player couch co-op. Doesn’t feel like a super tough game, just a fun and funny platformer.‬

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Adventure Pals for Switch is a total blast with a fun sense of humor and you should totally play it.

Bad guy is turning senior citizens into hotdogs. One boss is an angry tree whose pants fall down. A giraffe lives in your backpack and helps you fly.

Them's Fightin' Herds Review

A unique, kickstarted fighting game totally not inspired by My Little Pony, with clever mechanics, an RPG-like story mode, apparently great net code, and a dash of mild humor.

I really hope this succeeds. Looks great.

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