What’s the word for that feeling when you’re sitting on a ton of completed bounties but you already got Ikora’s engram for the week so you need to hold onto them but you reeeeeeeaaallllyyyyy wanna cash em all in cuz it just feels good.

Why does Bungie call their studio videos “ViDocs?” Documentaries are basically understood as videos, right? Seems weird to express “video documentary” when we know it’s a video.

Seems kinda like when people say “I need to hit the ATM machine.” The... Automated Teller Machine... Machine?

’s new Menagerie mode is *chef’s kiss* IMO, and I’m pretty hyped for Shadowkeep in the fall.

It’s still early, but Bungie’s split from Activision _seems_ to be turning out even better than I expected.

Now I just need to start more and more regularly. My group has a good time making each other laugh, and I’d love to share that if we can make it click.

is one of those games on which I oscillate. I thoroughly enjoy it, but occasionally burn out and sub in other games for some or all of my play time.

But recent additions like Forsaken and quests for unique weapons that actually interest me have seriously brought me back. I recently scored the Outbreak Protocol (still need the catalyst), Truth, and am now working on the Lumina.

I’m much more of a PvE than PvP player, but some Gambit Prime quests have got me.

One of my favorite silly moments from yesterday’s stream: you can’t take The Traveler into the Genius Bar 😄 clips.twitch.tv/GenerousResolu

My wife, playing :

“You know... I’m getting money from skeletons. But where do they keep the money?”

Hey Elekk et al! This is @chartier and I love and I wanna start making videos and streaming so I’m separating out my game stuff.

I have a few videos up on YouTube so far, and just got a capture + streaming box: youtube.com/channel/UCma3gqso_

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