CONFIRMED: A Destiny / Bioshock shared universe is coming.

My raid jacket arrived! It’s my first jacket and the build quality is wild. Damn I love this game and this community!

Yes I opted for my gamertag badge. Nice detail I didn’t know: it’s a Velcro patch.

I am delighted to announce

that around 9:14pm CT / -5 GMT yesterday evening

the Vex Mythoclast finally dropped for me

after around 52+ looted clears

thank you for respecting my privacy as I process all this grief and joy

So um.

This happened in my Garden of Salvation sherpa last night, 3rd encounter (Consecrated Mind). 😄 We think maybe a nova bomb + stasis had a... weird interaction.

This is an interesting alert from Returnal. Anyone know what I can do with this information?

Sweet, the100 has a new Shareable URL feature. This is a great way to schedule group/clan games with friends ahead of time, but still be able to invite external folks when needed. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Them's Fightin' Herds Review

A unique, kickstarted fighting game totally not inspired by My Little Pony, with clever mechanics, an RPG-like story mode, apparently great net code, and a dash of mild humor.

I really hope this succeeds. Looks great.

“Video games, as far as we know, don’t cause violence.

But I increasingly think that’s asking the wrong question.”

Rationalizing Brutality: The Cultural Legacy of the Headshot

I propose adopting this language for gaming. As in “I bet we could 5-crew this raid," and "we got a 3-crew ready for PvP let's goooooo”


The are LYING to us about the mods WE’VE EARNED. You people need to learn about Vanon. Open your eyes!

Maybe... Tom Nook.. isn't so bad.. after all?


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