It’s in public beta, so you’ll just need to install TestFlight on your Apple TV. But you do NOT need beta tvOS. GO GET IT.

A Slack chat about our wholesome 450+ community (and for other games!), turning an icky Pepe frog situation into a happy chuckle, and realizing how unfortunately rare this goodness is.


Had a rough run through Gambit yesterday, trying to finish my last triumph to get the Bad Juju catalyst so… yeah I feel this one. 😄

(I got it, btw. Now just need to kill *checks notes* around 14 billion enemies to unlock it. 😕)

Rocket League won’t have loot boxes later this year

Epic owns Rocket League. The company also removed boxes from Fortnite’s PvE mode. Nice.

Destiny has another Solstice of Heroes event coming!

- new armor
- new cosmetics
- new buffs
- a new matchmade activity
- cosmetics available for Silver and Bright Dust
- a couple more triumphs for the Season of Triumphs, which continues through Sep
- Solstice runs July 30 - Aug 27
- ♥

Good news, everyone. seems to be selling so well, it’s shaping up to possibly be the third best Switch launch this year (also a Switch exclusive).

I almost have my streaming setup fixed. When I do, I totally want to stream some of this. It’s fun, especially with friends!

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