I picked up Full Metal Furies on Switch on sale _and this is great!_ Side-scrolling beat-em-up-ish but with a not-too-much dose of RPG elements, and a sense of humor. Has online co-op (and local I think?).

Sale price right now feels like a steal. Get it! nintendo.com/games/detail/full

This is illegal Bungie. You are a criminals. GIVE ME MY MOUNTAINTOP.


It’s in public beta, so you’ll just need to install TestFlight on your Apple TV. But you do NOT need beta tvOS. GO GET IT.

A Slack chat about our wholesome 450+ community (and for other games!), turning an icky Pepe frog situation into a happy chuckle, and realizing how unfortunately rare this goodness is.


Had a rough run through Gambit yesterday, trying to finish my last triumph to get the Bad Juju catalyst so… yeah I feel this one. 😄

(I got it, btw. Now just need to kill *checks notes* around 14 billion enemies to unlock it. 😕)

Rocket League won’t have loot boxes later this year polygon.com/2019/8/6/20757348/

Epic owns Rocket League. The company also removed boxes from Fortnite’s PvE mode. Nice.

Destiny has another Solstice of Heroes event coming!

- new armor
- new cosmetics
- new buffs
- a new matchmade activity
- cosmetics available for Silver and Bright Dust
- a couple more triumphs for the Season of Triumphs, which continues through Sep
- Solstice runs July 30 - Aug 27
- ♥


Good news, everyone. seems to be selling so well, it’s shaping up to possibly be the third best Switch launch this year (also a Switch exclusive).

I almost have my streaming setup fixed. When I do, I totally want to stream some of this. It’s fun, especially with friends!

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