Confession: I don't use Spare Rations because I really dislike the way it looks and especially how it sounds. Yes, I'm that kind of player.

Plus, there are a zillion other guns in the game, many of them quite fun and sound and feel great.

@InfiniteHench I've got a couple Rations that seem to have decent rolls, but haven't ever tried it out because I'd rather use exotic hand cannons.

I absolutely loathe those chunky high impact pulses, like Go Figure and delete them on sight, though. Just the way they feel is bad.

@ishiku Same, on the exotic hand canons. I'm also stuck bringing a pulse into crucible since I'm chasing Redrix. 😩

@InfiniteHench I've mostly been working on my Jade Rabbit catalyst and Randy's, but I'll probably switch to Bad Juju or Outbreak for Redrix when I'm done with the catalyst because I'm bad at multitasking.

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