The best part about gaming has to be worrying whether my PC video card is up to date and whether new fourth-party drivers are installed for my third-party audio controller and oh wait the game could not be loaded because the overclocking utility needs an update and actually you know just kill me because I ditched all of this 15 years ago and not a goddamn awful fucking thing has changed.

@aurynn I don’t have one. I’m just really angry that I feel like I need to build one again.

@InfiniteHench I mean you’re valid but if your pc experience looks like that then gosh everything is a festival of garbage

@aurynn It’s what I remember from my PC days, and it’s what I see all around me. My nephew overclocked the PC he just built, friends endlessly chasing system upgrades, streamers can’t do a thing because tech troubles, Windows update breaks this or that. I’m just 😰

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