@InfiniteHench I still hesitate to say Destiny is good, but THIS, at least, is very good

@InfiniteHench Mostly just not really my style of game. I feel like the grind-heavy nature of MMOs doesn't translate as well to FPSes as the devs thought it would.

But this is also based entirely on the first game, so if 2 changed anything I wouldn't know.

@witchfynder_finder Well 2 is still quite grindy, although I think it has improved overall by leaps and bounds. There are mountains of different kinds of content to do, and often multiple ways to get something.

Are you the type to play games like this with friends, or mostly alone? I think playing with friends helps a *ton,* as it feels more to me like hanging out with friends ‘down at the cafe/bar/whatever,’ except you’re also saving the universe.

@InfiniteHench Yeah I'm also much more of a solo player. Online multiplayer has never really clicked with me. Even when i was playing WoW I almost never partied up.

@witchfynder_finder That’s fair. Completely understandable why Destiny wouldn’t click with you then, as it is very much designed around multiplayer activities.

If you’re ever curious again, it went F2P with a big update this month (well, the core game/content did). I’m in a good sized, wholesome, supportive community of people who love to chat about it, help/teach each other, etc. @aurynn can probably offer a 2nd opinion there.

@InfiniteHench @aurynn I have seen that it's gone F2P and I have been kinda curious, tbh. I might end up giving in and checking it out.

Thanks for chatting about it! :)

@InfiniteHench I guess as long as Cayde was around it never occurred to anyone that they might need any numbers higher than 1.

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