Had a rough run through Gambit yesterday, trying to finish my last triumph to get the Bad Juju catalyst so… yeah I feel this one. 😄

(I got it, btw. Now just need to kill *checks notes* around 14 billion enemies to unlock it. 😕)

@Dusky At the end of the day I'm thankful I can get Bad Juju Catalyst done 1) across most any activities, and 2) entirely on my own if friends aren't on.

Unlike the Outbreak Perfection catalyst. Which I SUPER want, because I super dig that weapon. 😩

@InfiniteHench Yay for simple catalysts. I hate jumping puzzles with all my little black heart, I can't imagine doing this mission again. I should but I definitely won't. I can't be bothered to see my warlock slip to death again and again :blobcatblush:
But hey, outbreak is super cool and useful so get this mf catalyst if you can!

@Dusky If you're ever looking for a chill Destiny pal, I'm down. I mostly play PvE but up for PvP too. I also like helping people practice and grind for stuff.

@InfiniteHench sure! I am patient and chill and I enjoy all activities. Even raids :blobboop:
You can add me at cptcyan and you can always hmu if you see me playing.

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