suddenly remembering that I don't actually know my country's national anthem now. they changed the lyrics a few years back and I never actually bothered to learn the new ones. but realizing that I'm able to get away with that so easily is part of why I love living here

huh...didn't know danny trejo made a cookbook. nice

smoking mention 

fond memories of the restaurant I used to go to as a kid on sundays that had a sundae bar... and for some reason, had a dining area divided into smoking/nonsmoking halves, with the smoking half always being empty. kinda sucks that it went out of business years ago

metroid dread's ending's got me so hyped. just... DANG.

set the controller down for a moment to get some water, then the controller vibrated itself off the desk and landed on the floor. the faulty wire caused the controller to disconnect for a split second and that caused the game to crash. ffffffff

I think I'd feel better about the smash dlc in general if all the excitement around it actually translated into people playing the game

kingdom hearts brings back bad memories for me so this announcement is kinda difficult

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I see sleeping past the direct turned out to be an excellent decision

whenever I compliment the person in my mirror they always smile back at me so I make sure to do it all the time

I've made this joke before but I'm gonna make it again and again

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turns out facebook learned nothing from mega man battle network and now their internet-connected door locks aren't working

do kids these days know that the moon is made of cheese?

social media isn't inherently bad. it's a magnifying glass on society and society ain't healthy

wearin' an old, bright orange tanktop and feelin' good. it's like two decades old and it still fits me real well

I've been spending a few days just rewriting code to get it to finally compile again and it finally does... BUT IT ALSO WORKS. what the heck

I'm not really sure what's going on today but it's been amusing

I cut the spaghetti in half. mini spaghetti

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