It's weird that this thing was localized as Kunai with Chain, but maybe the japanese name (鎖付きブーメラン) has implications that makes that name make sense

Though it seems strange to go through the hassle of making something english and then using a non-english word for it that, at least I think?, doesn't appear in the japanese name

Also I'm not sure about the conventions of weapon wielding but I'm pretty sure our lizard friend there is holding it by the bladed part?

But I think the whole thing is bladed, so uhhh

Assuming it's based on the ever popular Kusarigama (Which I think is a fair assumption to make here) lizard pal is holding it similarly to how you would hold the sickle part but alas, there is no holdy part like there is with the sickle

@Hamasuta is it not būmeran in romaji? like a literal boomerang but bladed? i mean it'd make sense why he's holding it that way but i don't see the point of the chain in that instance unless boomerangs need chains to return to you and i missed that part. would explain a lot.

@root It's designed to give the monster using it an attack buff while rendering the opponent unable to attack, so when lizard throws it at them, the "kunai" wraps the chain around the opponent

@Hamasuta ooooh that is big brain. and also lends boomerang more sense, since i presume it'd anime wrap around them like cartoon boomerangs would.

yeah i had no idea this was the case but now I'm very annoyed by this translation lmao

I really like the card and i'm interesting in rope-d'art, meteor hammer and other flexible weapons, i think there would be no problem handling a blade like this (some moves with a sword implies to grab the blade and with a firm grip you don't hurt) but i doubt it would have any use in fight (i think you'd prefer keep a rotation, even slow, to prepare attacks or parries)

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