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(selfies and ec in the pictures below)

I just remembered you can pin more than one thing, so a little collection of selfies featuring me and my hair at different lengths so that instead of hiding behind being a hamster you'll know I ALSO hide behind being brown lol

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(images include food, drawn ec)

Here is my 'fursona' I like to be a cute animal online as means of dealing with not being cute in real life. A friend recommended a Hamster for me and I was like, yeah that sounds good

The Orange-y/Brown color goes down his back while the rest is white because it was a pattern I saw on a lot of Hamsters while looking for what I wanted.

This week's Slime Saturday is brought to you by the slime that's the perfect match for you!

The Mime Slime prefers to use tricks and deception to defeat its foes, making appearances in the Dragon Quest Monsters series it has the appearance of a Clown and isn't very strong.

Nothing wrong with a friend trying to make people laugh!

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On this site I swear there are some names that keep cropping up and I have to go who is this one


No idea who the fuck came up with this but it's sick

This is what Strive looks like on the lowest settings, it's unbelievable

maybe this is when my life starts to turn around

Since it's e3 week I'd like to post this picture, one of the first messages I saw in my Dark Souls 3 run (some time last year)

I wish I could wrap my head around art

mostly just so I can draw DQ fanart and porn

Wait do you pronounce it fine-dom because of the root or is it still fin, like a fish

you gotta give it up, Venus Guytrap is pretty funny

Chapter 4: Meena the Fortune Teller and Maya the Dancer, is a story that involves two sisters setting off to find the man who killed their father. The pacing for this one is very strange... Maya and Meena are two very fun characters and having two kind of low health/defense characters and that's it makes for a fun scenario...

Is what I would say if they didn't throw in another character, who essentially acts as a huge warrior that tanks hits and dishes out a shitton of damage. He doesn't have much personality and what's worse is that by the end of the chapter it is assumed he DIES.

The final fight of this chapter kind of sucks too, because you fight Balzack (lol) who has afaik infinite mana and the gimmick is that you use an item to silence him from casting spells. The problem with this is that, when he breaks out of the silence he has a chance of casting FULLHEAL if you don't silence him fast enough so you can say goodbye to all your progress. Overall I really like Meena and Maya but this is probably the worst of the first four chapters?

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me when I see a harp post hidden by the collapse arrows

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