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(images include food, drawn ec)

Here is my 'fursona' I like to be a cute animal online as means of dealing with not being cute in real life. A friend recommended a Hamster for me and I was like, yeah that sounds good

The Orange-y/Brown color goes down his back while the rest is white because it was a pattern I saw on a lot of Hamsters while looking for what I wanted.

please square enix I'm begging you just let me play slime tribal............................

a lot of the 3 star (highest rarity) cards are main characters or boss monsters (or rare/really strong/unique monsters) so sometimes that means monsters like this are LEGENDARY RARE

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the dragon quest card game is cool because you control like, 6 monster zones, two columns of three that's in front of your character. you can place them wherever you want but if you have one in each row then you can't be attacked until a monster is removed from that spot

and this was just from the base launch, I think there's shit like building/location cards that can take up a spot, there's taunt of course and other card game keywords and main stays

please square please let me play your game you've put it on EVERYTHING

man, I was excited because I thought a post said xyz meant it like XYZ cards..........

sorry, new rules, people with cute pfps can't like my posts anymore :hamshame:

Frost Faustings is a big fighting game tournament that happens every year, naturally this one is online only and since their scene loves TvC they're going to be running Dolphin Parsec Tatsunoko vs Capcom and it should be pretty fuckin' dope

I love that the Solstice Title Theme starts like an old school runescape song and then just BUSTS out

man, I've never been about being an 'elitist' and other such stupid shit but

scrubquotes has the funniest fucking stuff on it man

Susanoo was probably the last cool secret in a fighting game I can remember? that was forever ago at this point too

look I only skimmed through it but I love calling people out for being dumb on this particular subject

when black people tell you that you can't have a certain hairstyle (i.e. dreads) it's because your hair doesn't cut it, we don't want you to embarrass yourself even though it'll totally be fun laughing at your nastyass hair for NOT listening

be thankful for even that much

Is Doomguy's arm blade/knife deal one of those vibration metal sword deals like Raiden's got, or is just

he's really good at cutting things

yami get absolutely burnt to a crisp in his goth-wear on a hot summer day

my feature would be in addition to blocking, btw. This is so I never see them at all in the first place.

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learning how to program so i can implement a feature into masto so that I never see these dumb as fuck people with dumb as fuck takes

I want to find some kind of weird action game to play that I haven't heard of before

Damn it got a dislike, I didn't even link it anywhere wyd

It was a pretty bad run and I probably look like a dumbass talking with no audio haha

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