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(selfies and ec in the pictures below)

I just remembered you can pin more than one thing, so a little collection of selfies featuring me and my hair at different lengths so that instead of hiding behind being a hamster you'll know I ALSO hide behind being brown lol

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(images include food, drawn ec)

Here is my 'fursona' I like to be a cute animal online as means of dealing with not being cute in real life. A friend recommended a Hamster for me and I was like, yeah that sounds good

The Orange-y/Brown color goes down his back while the rest is white because it was a pattern I saw on a lot of Hamsters while looking for what I wanted.

what was the shitty FF mobile tower defense game called again

I liked that you could have vieras as units in that game, really appreciated the bunny ladies and it was fun in my Tower Defense days

it's only dawning on me recently how I've been living life for the last two years and how I really need to stay active

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using my irl hamster wheel (treadmill) to improve my health

starting with a mile a day for now

personally I think it's cool that big tits are great regardless of gender

I really hope the Zenith dragon isn't ned flanders in this game, I don't need more pain

Why do young men go to Arkbolt?

Because of the knight life

much like the common cold once again that damn rat spreads like wildfire

you say haha funny number when you see 420, I say haha funny number when I see 621, we are not the same

trying to improve my circulation because lately my legs get cold at night by walking a mile every day and it's been going well but I can tell I'll have to keep at it

I can't wait to eat a bunch of hotdogs today

I guess it's just because I know this is the end of the trilogy and after this DQ changes for good and the first two games in it are fantastic

IV is full of fun characters and its chapter based story telling are fantastic

V is just amazing in like all regards, I basically couldn't put it down because I wanted to see what would happen next. AND there's monster recruiting!

It feels like VI was in the perfect spot to be a home run but the mix of knowing what's real and what isn't real and going back and forth AND the job system being a good chunk of the game in...

So many good ideas but it falls on its face trying to tell this sort of alternate realities storyline.

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Man, DQ6 has some great mechanics but boy oh boy

I think I don't like this one.

wow my legs get real cold when I'm sleepy these days

oh no, a bunny girl that loves slimes...

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