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(selfies and ec in the pictures below)

I just remembered you can pin more than one thing, so a little collection of selfies featuring me and my hair at different lengths so that instead of hiding behind being a hamster you'll know I ALSO hide behind being brown lol

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(images include food, drawn ec)

Here is my 'fursona' I like to be a cute animal online as means of dealing with not being cute in real life. A friend recommended a Hamster for me and I was like, yeah that sounds good

The Orange-y/Brown color goes down his back while the rest is white because it was a pattern I saw on a lot of Hamsters while looking for what I wanted.

cw'd because I bet wordle sucks for screenreaders


Wordle 212 4/6*


fuck me

I just saw a tweet that said Jotaro is like the joker for trans people

becoming a cold brew coffee guy if you want to make fun of me feel free to

I didn't cry at this week's dragon quest but I DID shout "COOL!" at the end

bro did you just stab me through the chest bro?
yeah bro, I did bro..
your sword bro, it's embedded inside me now bro
I know, bro...

my dad is almost caught up on anime jojo's

he just got to the 7-page Muda

I use the high contrast colors in wordle because the yellow and green are really similar and this blue and orange looks like a delicious popsicle

Wordle 208 3/6*


are you even allowed to upload gay videos to YouTube

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woah, just got an ad for Webtoon that uses that gay polycule comic Mika had read a while back for the advertisement

I was like "hey I recognize those gays"

What's really surprising is that it was on YouTube of all things

yeah yeah I'm playing monster hunter again, I'm a fool, I know nothing, I play the role of a silly clown etc etc

a yasuo player had asphodel in their name an I asked in all chat who their favorite ship in hades was and they said zag/than and I side good taste and they said thank you and then no one said anything else for the rest of the game

I don't know when it started (probably 2020 but I didn't notice because lol) but this idea of Mariah Carrey being like Doomguy being sealed away after December and unleashed towards the end of November is really funny to me

youre an empath? buddy you need to go take an emBATH

putting 'milf appreciator (respectfully)' on my resume

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