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(images include food, drawn ec)

Here is my 'fursona' I like to be a cute animal online as means of dealing with not being cute in real life. A friend recommended a Hamster for me and I was like, yeah that sounds good

The Orange-y/Brown color goes down his back while the rest is white because it was a pattern I saw on a lot of Hamsters while looking for what I wanted.

just gotta accept that sometimes people talk about stuff they don't really know and say wrong stuff and that's okay

food shitpost 

mixing in this spicy red korean paste to my tuna to make a tuna sandwich red like Flamin' Hot Cheetos to own my body

I guess if they make a switch pro there's a chance there's no handheld aspect to it, it's not impossible

a lot of people that like handheld mode for switch probably don't mind the FPS woes the switch has since it's portable and the people playing that want higher FPS most likely are fine with it not having a handheld mode as a tradeoff

maybe I'll feel something if I master Answer's oki

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I'd do no nut november but I got better things to do (like nut)

if any of you happen to know someone I can test this stat out on, lemme know in the comments below

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I think Whis and Beerus both have really good english and japanese voiceovers

I was looking up stuff for Answer and one of the popular players is just "Neko" and in one of the videos they're playing against people and in a discord call and all of their friends (presumably) exclusively refer to them as "neko-chan" and it's really cute

woah, caves of qud really IS a no-nonsense roguelike, this should be good

I miss leaving the house on a cool afternoon and grabbing a gas station coffee, chatting with the people there that know me for a bit, and doing something with my day.

hows that shit go, 'a terrible night let's get cursed' or some shit

when I was a dumb kid growing up, somehow I stumbled across Nethack. I'm sure I found it because some gamedev in an indie forum mentioned it or something but

I couldn't believe it, this was a game that kicked your ass. You never knew what was coming, if a weapon was cursed, or if a potion would even help you in a pinch, picking up a wand and just casting. Here and there I would get more marketable flavors of the genre but it was fun every time.

I'm glad the genre ended up getting popular

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re: online harassment if you look into the details, video games, lol 

Also if you haven't yet you should check out The Caves of Qud. It's a very weird (in a good way) ASCII graphics looking roguelike with... well let's just say you can *start* the game with a lot more arms than humanoids usually have.

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uspol, alc 

I don't have any and I have a feeling I'm going to need it for the 4th

I appreciate French Bread for attempting rollback for a while, not being able to get it down, and admitting they have to ask for help

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