My magnum opus! It is done!

Quick facts:
✅​ It measures approximately 91" x 90".
✅​ It contains 161 hexes.
✅​ At about 2.5 hours per hex (including joining time), I put in at least 400 hours.
✅​ It weighs 14 pounds.
✅​ I used 27 full skeins of gray, 19 full skeins of other colors, and 8 partial colored skeins.
✅​ At 285 yards per skein, there is some 7.5 miles of yarn in this project!

The pattern is Swirly Candy (

The yarn is Loops & Threads Impeccable.

@lapis Thank you! Now I just need to muscle it up to its recipient!

@GraySpots wow, this is monumentally huge! Congrats!

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