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Hey all, I'm Flynn! I never really know what to say about myself haha. But, I enjoy videogames and anime, and horror films. I work in a coffee shop and as a result have a mild addiction. I'll mostly talk about games and the funny things I encounter on a day to day basis.
Happy to make your acquaintance!


Jaden Smith Concert 

Jaden Smith concert, cynic (~) 

"Satan works hard but Starbucks baristas work harder."

Starbucks: daughter of police chief says he's absolutely a pig 

listen up you fucking goobers. you clowns of the higest order. the first game in the greatest series of all time, Gravity Rush, is $7.49 on the PSN store right now. Gravity Rush 2 is $9.99. play my favorite game ever made or suffer the consequences!!!

It’s easy to fetishize difficulty in games, but this comment from M2’s Highma Fuyono (Ibara, Tobi D+VINE, Thunder Blade 3D Ages) really provides some perspective on that.

don't have to watch frozen 2 because the entire movie is just going to be put into Kingdom Hearts 4 with brief flashes of sora's hair poking out from behind a snowbank to remind me that he's there


Hey all, haven't done the social media rodeo in a couple years so might be a bit rusty.

I'm a leftist friend born in China and now in Canada, and will usually be tootin' (and rootin') about games, diversity in media, politics, tabletop, my dog, FFXIV, my dog some more, banning Oko (this joke will definitely still play in a couple of months).

Heck, and maybe even some photos and writing maybe if I ever get over this heck of a block I got going on.

literally just seeing official gravity rush art is enough to make me want to tear up i am too into this game lmfao

anyways enjoy some positive reinforcement Kat telling you to do your best from character designer Shunsuke Saito!

someone tell celebrities that shutting the fuck up costs zero dollars

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