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Hey all, I'm Flynn! I never really know what to say about myself haha. But, I enjoy videogames and anime, and horror films. I work in a coffee shop and as a result have a mild addiction. I'll mostly talk about games and the funny things I encounter on a day to day basis.
Happy to make your acquaintance!

the coolest part about battle royal is how when the novel came out and was entered into the Japan Horror Fiction Awards it was unanimously decided as the best book in the contest but wasn’t allowed to win because checks notes everyone on that committee was a fucking coward.

"Do or do not. There is no 'try'." attempts to be inspirational, but is hilariously bad advice for many people. "Perfect or worthless" is a stupid dichotomy and its internalization prevents many from living up to their potential. Let people try, fail, and try again, especially in creative pursuits like writing, drawing, and coding.

now listen to me mastodon user. i am talking directly in your ear now. i need you to do me a favor. you will do this for me. i need you to go to these profiles, and i need you to follow these fucking accounts. if i find out you do not follow these accounts you will be in big trouble mister. you will never see the light of day. (eye contact)



wow m’lady. your tiddies are absolutely poggers!!

Support my bff @scoots because they're about to lose their unemployment because their boss doesn't care about their health risks because America.

Please commission them and subscribe to their Patreon!

death, assistance request 

i know no one here knew him, but if you’ve got a couple of spare bucks it would be wonderful if you could throw them towards william’s funeral to support his family. thanks for any support you can give.

@mint T"his tweet brought to you in part by the UWU.S Army"

fast and furious fans 🤝 kingdom hearts fans

getting tired of the same three jokes over and over again

So I'm probably fixin to lose my unemployment in a min so here I'm gonna drop the link to my Patreon right here dawg

It's still a work in progress but I've been making active efforts to get it to be an actual Thing

hi i didn't expect audie's photo caption to make me emotional

AAA game execs: with rising development costs we have no choice but to charge 70 dollars per video game from now

me: what if the games were just shorter and had less extreme visual fidelity so they cost less to develop *gets thrown out of the window*

Making a Pattern Library called "Actionable Components are Best" :blobeyes:

i hate doing UI/UX study because it feels like a lot of the times it’s just a medium article connected to 800 other medium articles that only really exist for analytics and not to actually teach people

if anyone has resources that are not this that would be great

looking through some of my art from 2017 and i kinda miss what i was doing here

also as much as i love CSP, this was back when i was using SAI and i still think it was the best program to make lineart in imo

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