Trying to rent and going to property viewings is so legitimately dehumanising

dear federal agents,

I am committing crime currently I love to commit crime

===== Paid Position =====

Looking for an editor for my novel. like all my stuff its incredibly sapphic so factor that appropriately.

While its not sexually explicit there are sexual themes and implied BDSM

i never got tucking I have a giant futa dick and I've literally never needed to???

didn't like


gave house to


(adult son)


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anyway we just got denied a place to rent despite being like, the only people interested in it because they're giving it to their son's friend instead

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also look at these banger emails we got from a landlord today. these people have real jobs for certain

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Walked up the stairs like a bitch and ended up spilling some of my coffee

To all my Irish besties please remember to burn your local AIB branch. They have been nothing but whiny and annoying about changing the name on my bank account.

evil communist cuba has had abortions since 1965 btw

Omg girls night out (foot worship with the besties)

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