animorphs is available for free and ka applegate is a trans-supportive parent, so there's no excuse for letting your kids read harry potter

i cant be bothered to give a shit about what cis people think anymore i dont have time for it

Because it's a skill that's missing in our society, here's how to apologize.

1) Acknowledge harm. "I f'd up." 2) State what you did that was wrong, in a way that shows you understand the harm done.
3) Express regret
4) Say what you're going to change to not cause this harm again
5) Listen.

Don't ask the hurt person for *anything.* It's up to them to accept or not, if they choose.

Don't be clever. Be plain & simple.

did you know? the common abbreviations for stats in DnD (str, dex, wis) can actually stand for anything you want! "strength" and "dexterity" are only used commonly because of tradition, but feel free to use anything else that fits! My personal favorites are "string", "dextrose" and "wisard"

in my “there will be blood voice”: i’m finished!!!!

FF7R Discs 1-6 + Jukebox Tracks:

FF7R Disc 7:

thankts to everyone who has been patient about this, i bit off way more than i could chew but god knows that hasn’t fucking stopped me before lol :boost_ok:fixed

this is a drawing i did, give it a looksie 

it is mountain,

nooo don't deny the role of language as a tool of colonization you're so sexy aha

Rebuild of Frasier 2.0: You Do (Not) Know What To Do With Those Tossed Salads And Scrambled Eggs
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