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"Dearly beloved, Party Rock was truly in this house tonight."

DM: "Give me a Religion check."

Paladin: "I'm not good at this."

"Let him cast the spell, please. It's the first time he's ever used one."

"Most of the torso has been removed, but I have not yet determined the cause of death."

"They stole the memory of the other times they stole your memory."

"You have to reach for that pun, but it's still within range."

"He puts the top of your head back on and hands you the spare parts."

"Biologics are strange."

"Yes, but they do tend to grow on you. I have cleaning solvents in case that happens."

"I'm glad you went there because I was going to."

"We'll get to it. I have a plan for after the corpse."

"I dread almost everything about that sentence."

"[Warforged treated as a god] has not leveled up their dance skill."

"Just let me have this."

"Meeting [NPC] is kind of like meeting your god's dad."

"Hey, thank you for making Jesus."

"Milo is the best at giving recaps from a parallel dimension, and letting them age for a month only improves them."

Am I to believe this chin move is unavoidable?

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I found out that my Plot Avoidant Ways have made it so Crash only has to plan once a quarter about plot for DND

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