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"What do you mean, you 'were ambushed by the Hedgehog Militia and their pet bear?'"

"I think that's self explanatory."

"Yeah, we grounded them. 'No killing the PCs, stay in your room for a week.'"

"You shouldn't try to kill strange beings just for saying hello."

"Did you miss the part where we're barbarians?"

"I don't have a bonus to Wisdom or Intelligence rolls. I'm not really good at this debate."

"Or ... hear me out ... we kill them all and burn their village to the ground."

"I feel like 'please don't' is a valid sentiment."

"At the moment you say 'get the arrow out of your head' they do the opposite of calming down."

"Navix, what do you intend to do?"

"Navix is a bear, now."

"Don't mess up my prisoner. You don't get as much for them if they're not in mint condition."

"I assure you. this one's out of the box."

"Everyone check under your seats, they're on fire!"

"Why'd we sit down here?"

"I am out of spell slots."

"We'll have to pick some up at the store, later."

"It's in the same aisle as the initiative."

"Wrong button. Why do we even have that button? Because of kobolds, that's why."

"Yeah, that's our button."

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