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"Sorry, I got distracted by the conversation."

"I consider that high praise."

"You know if you find a god of tedium you aren't going to like any conversation you have with their clerics."

"Point of order: Yelling and screaming led to your most recent success."

"I love everything about this, as much as everyone involved hates this."

"I'll take care of the paperwork."

"I'm good at paperwork."

"I'm not."

"Who said D&D is fair? Where is that written? You know who said that? Colombo."

"Thanks for the TMBG song stuck in my head from that last plot point."

"I regret nothing."

"In other news Hiero has a new dad who is a giant hell worm."

"I'm good at adopting family members."

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throwing london a gender reveal party and you cut into the cake and it just says

"congrats you have a


skyrim anniversary edition 

One of the baddies had a pet fox named Pumpkin.

I couldn't stop Lydia from killing it. :(

"You can lick the table legs but don't leave tooth marks."

"I love that this is the compromise."

"It's an action training montage, but instead it's just your character reading a book."

"They write the card catalog numbers on little pieces of wood. It cuts the organization time down by 10%. The woody decimate system."

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