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imagine how much better fedi would be if people just blocked people instead of just complaining about them for a year straight

reminder for myself 

Not every thought needs to be online.

I'm getting better at this.

I have a :dnd:​ game in 10 hours but instead I've been planning the session for a different :dnd:​ game that will be on Tuesday.

Today's game just tries to end the PCs.

Tuesday's game tries to end the world.

... the one all three of my campaigns take place on.

... oops.

"You give one of your Kevins 6 legs and then all of the hornets in the area are worshiping him as a giant god."

- Kyle Hill, Science Educator

It has been a while since I saw anyone say that @noelle is good.

So this is your reminder.

:ellie:​ is good.

I have been scheming involving campaigns and D&D characters.

Incidentally, I wonder how @magicalmilly would feel about their tabaxi having a brother.

Actual brother, not adopted.

Chris made a character for the next campaign.

┳┻| _
┻┳| •.•) It’s  
┳┻|⊂ノ     kobold time

"Whatever it is, I did it, so I'm proud of me."

Redbubble is having a sale on masks! Here are a few of mine:

This one has a black lace design on a grey background. Fancy!

image description: A mask that has a black lace design on a grey background.

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"Why was I being treated by an emergency medical hologram?"

"Because our doctor's bedside manner is an emergency."

"As a note, my fists are magical, so I can actually punch ghosts." #dndoutofcontext

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