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@Crash I see your stuff. and I raise you "things"

This is the same game that added rules to D&D 2E for fall damage when you start from orbit.

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Spelljammer: "Here is the complex math you need to do so you can find out how many minutes of air the characters have left."

Also Spelljammer: "Assume all sources of gravity are 1G because we can't be bothered.

... did I just see the term "global south" used unironically in the wild?

How did that happen?

Hey you. You’re finally awake.

You were trying to cross the border. Same as us, and that thief over there.

Goodnight, friends.

Please, be kind to each other.

Went to the store to buy soup, but all they had were clothes.

Gave the kids their completed casted resin #DnD journals before today's session. I bought some stickers so they could decorate the covers themselves.

I also started in on some dice matching their journals, which match their player characters.

#crafting #dicefail #dadops

I was going to make a Domain of Dread using the new book that came out.

Instead I'm creating a World Bible for the campaign setting I've been using for almost 3 years and 6 campaigns.

I'm ... not going to finish this tonight.

D&D thing I should have done a long time ago:

Prep one or more one-shots that players can jump into for nights were the plot is supposed to happen but a player can't make it for any reason.

I aim to fix that this evening.

DnD advice, druid edition: "just be a bear"

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