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At some point I'm going to find a game I can play on my phone that I actually want to play for more than 5 minutes.

I've been looking for games that don't require me to always be online, don't have microtransactions, and *gestures broadly at requirements that are entirely unable to be explained as they are nebulous and ever changing.*

Really, I've no idea why I haven't found anything that fits the bill.



"Ma ma."

"No, Dad."

"D... d... disestablishmentarianism. ... Ma ma."

"The first sip tastes a bit like battery acid. The second sip still tastes like battery acid but you don't care as much."

"There's a pretty good chance Bell was born yesterday and even Bell thinks that was a bad idea."

"You're in a storage room with crates, barrels, and scented candles."

"How are these candles. Are they strong?"

"Imagine if you will, walking past a Yankee Candle store in the mall."

"Oh, no!"

"Chroma does not need to agree with this statement because Chroma's not here."

"So long as you don't mind cat hair being inside the potion of healing."

"It adds /fiber/."

"That's the wrong kind of fiber."


"As I recall Brin's interaction with the red dragon involved yelling at it about living in a society."

"We had a moment of panic."

"I didn't panic, I fled very rationally."

"Heiro believes they've formed a friendship, the dragon would not agree."

"Uh, we had a moment of bonding."

"Dragons require more than a moment."

"I wasn't so much befriended as ... adopted? I want to say adopted is the correct word."

"Yes but you're not the natural predator of dragons ... wait no you're an adventurer you /are/ the natural predator of dragons."

"What's the door made of?"


"We should take it. This is spoils."

"Please ... do not take ... my doors."

"And you see ... the DM rolling a d10."


"That is exactly what the DM rolled."

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