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first time kobold haver, what do i need to know about caring for kobolds (average cave, small-to-medium hoard size)

re: cws, uspol 

This includes people boosting un-cwed uspol posts.

Behavior boosted is behavior encouraged.

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cws, uspol 

The norm is to CW uspol posts.

Some of my friends are encountering physical health issues from the stress of following uspol events, so maybe give them the opportunity to avoid that without blocking/muting you.


DC's State of Emergency has been extended through Inauguration Day, and while 80 arrests is laughably low for the number of rioters involved, they have still arrested 80 people so far (and are looking to identify more).


As bad as things are, please do not spread information insisting that there is no State of Emergency or that no arrests have been made. Neither of these statements is true.

We should be angry. We should be very angry. But let's be angry about facts.

Mastodon also has the ability to add image descriptions to your media posts, and we highly recommend you add them whenever possible.

When you upload an image, simply click the "Edit" button to be able to change its crop and add a description. It doesn't have to be too detailed, even a single sentence to get the idea across is helpful.

This goes a long way to helping make our community more accessible to folks who use screen readers. :bowie_stardust:


This is all I have to say:

If I say "I'm defederating from you because of ", that is not a request for you to change what you're doing. I am telling you what I'm doing, not trying to influence your behavior. You can still do whatever you want. I'm just not going to see it.

If I say "You can't defederate from me because of , because ", that is a request for you to change what you're doing. I am telling you that I'm unwilling to change and instead I want you to change. When I say this, I'm telling you that you can't do whatever you want.

It is a matter of policy at Elekk that we engage only in the former. Other admins may administer their instances however they see fit.

the recent events with artalley once again bring up some advice i'd like to share with fellow artists and creatives

please, please, please make yourself a site that's not just an account on a social media platform

it can be a wix or weebly, a wordpress blog installation, a carrd, or whatever

it's important to have a dedicated place for your work and your info that isn't subject to service interruptions so people can always find it and see the things you want seen

Sims4 Deluxe is on sale for less than $6.

In all this time I never bought it, but I remember having fun with the original Sims back in the before times.

I just added five new designs on my Redbubble. All of them are inspired by the Kobolds In Space! TTRPG

Here is the link to the game on

image description: a spaceship is taking off. The words "Kobolds In Space!" are above it, and the words "CORE RULES" is below it.

Kobold Mechanic art - inspired by Kobolds In Space! TTRPG.

Here's the link on Redbubble:

image description: two people wearing t-shirts with Kobold Mechanic art on them

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Kobold Pilot art - inspired by Kobolds In Space TTRPG

Here's the link on Redbubble:

image description: a woman is wearing a t-shirt with a Kobold Pilot on it

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Kobold Monk art - inspired by Kobolds In Space! TTRPG

Here's the link on Redbubble:

image description: A man is wearing a t-shirt that has a Kobold Monk on it.

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Kobold Druid art - inspired by Kobolds in Space! TTRPG

Here's the link on Redbubble:

image description: A man wearing a t-shirt with a Kobold Druid on it

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Kobold Barbarian art - inspired by Kobolds in Space! TTRPG

Here's the link on Redbubble:

image description: woman wearing a tank top with Kobold Barbarian on it

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discord: tell us about your call. how did it go? how was it?? good? not good?

me: not good

discord: how so?? how can we improve??

me: ughhhh. well. my D&D character got REALLY badly hurt

I've been spending more time than usual away from social media and I think I am better for it.

Not more productive. mind you, but even with my highly curated experience sometimes a break is good.

I don't need to read every toot, or to reply to every toot that I like.

Of course this means I'm missing more of what's going on here, but I was never going to 100% Mastodon anyway.

So, I'm on Manjaro, and for some reason steam is only displaying black on every screen except downloads and big picture mode which is slow and sucks. If anyone else has had and fixed this problem, please contact me. Boosts Appreciated

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