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"If your co-workers are mad at you, attach suction cups to your feet and hang from the ceiling. Tell everyone they can keep the change that falls out of your pockets. It's a nice gesture."

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New episode of Shattered Soulstone is up!

In this one, I explained why the show was late, briefly explained my plans for Season 22, pointed out other Diablo podcast who recently released episodes, and talked about a sale on Blizzard gear.


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Vampire: "Out of the way, meat!"

Game text: "Your Destruction skill has increased."


A bandit I killed on our first encounter still somehow hired some thugs to beat me up for ... stealing from him? When his plan was to lure me to a remote location and have me killed?

The thugs showed up right after some cultists who decided I needed to die because I wasn't the real dragonborn.

Apparently there was a line.

"This is the most complicated and ridiculous game of somewhat stationary keep-away I've ever seen."

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"This is a chapel to Tiamat."


"Dagnabit, Daldain, I love this game!"

"The imp provides a hand gesture that you assume is profane but can't duplicate without dislocating three fingers."

"And because Talia's a living, breathing person, we're not getting the Google Translate version."

"Hey, Rhine, we need you to open this door."

"Rhine, Thava says 'This is Arizona.'"

"I feel like the Celestial language would sound very passive aggressive."

"So someone case invisibility on the explosive rune that was set to explode when someone said the word 'dragon' ... in the room with a dragon."

"Did I mention that I hate magic?"

"It's why none of us walked in there. But now you have, and you're still breathing, so I guess it's fine."

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