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"This is why he has our respect. He leads from the front."

"That's right. And I stab him in the back."

"He is really bad at the one job he exists to perform."

"I know that feeling."

I've been working on Gloam in bits and pieces for the last year- it's still not a game, but it implements everything I set out to learn when I started.

Is there any interest in playing around with my spooky-cute procedural city-generator?

"Hey Arin, I got your poem. Thank you. Are you OK?"

"Once I saw a hundred fish in a pond, and I said, 'Look, there are a hundred fish.'"

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first skyrim playthrough 

Thought I'd fight another dragon, a giant killed it for me and then helped me achieve the power of flight. (I was dead before I hit the apex.)

Found a mercenary trapped in rapids that was happy to talk calmly to me.

Took a quest because bears were rampaging everywhere, have found 1 bear since then.

Still working on sneaky sneaky

all of the turtles are blue.

except for 3 of them

and there are 4

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