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Sometimes I feel like the best way to not upset my friends is to not be there.

New avatar/name theme.

Same great hexagon.

widower thoughts, because of course it's time for widower thoughts 

Kelli was a lot of things to me, but one of the most prominent was that she was my best friend.

Her death left a lot of holes in my life that I do not expect will ever be filled again, but I am grateful for the friends I have.

The ones who knew her cherish her memory with me. (The ones I've met since then haven't told me to shut up yet, which I expect is difficult on some days more than others.)

They help.

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Got to spend some time online yesterday with a friend I don't get to talk to much, anymore.

I mostly listened while he and other friends talked.

I like my friends. I am better for knowing each and every one of them.

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I am now telling the computer EXACTLY what it can do with a lifetime's supply of chocolate!

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Distorted text 

W̶̱̐ẻ̷̖̣̕l̶͇̤̈́c̵̼͉̍ȍ̶̼m̸͚͛̔e̵̼̋ ̷̩͆͆t̸̘̅͑ơ̴̗̙ ̵͕͚͌b̴̦͂ǒ̸̤͎̚n̶̥͑̊ữ̶̦͔s̷̟̐ ̴͓̈͛s̶̗͐͜t̸̩̫̉́ǎ̵͚ḡ̴̢e̸̕ͅ!̶̨̮̃̇

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"Doesn't every new life start with a combat round? I mean, I'm not a parent myself, I'm making assumptions."

"When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."

"And the hammer's vibrating."

"No, it's totally fine, now."

"Didn't we leave the town a smoking crater."

"You have determined that if they are not kobolds, they are very light monsters."

"You hit things with your brain, that's valid. But not literally with your brain, that means your helmet failed."

"Is there anyone here who isn't a tank and took damage? I want to be mad at someone."

"I am a tank that crawled inside another tank."

"You rolled 1 away from a crit, you only cloned its mitochondrial DNA."

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