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"As a point, it wasn't tentacles, it was ravens."

"I like birds."

"Page no criminal!"

"You broke into prison."

"I accidentally used Dimension Door! I didn't know when visitor hours are! I have a doctorate!"

"You're such a gracious DM."

"Well I did put your parents in prison."

"Who put math in Dungeons & Dragons? I want to speak to their manager!"

"Welcome to Hit & Abyss, where the DM is learning how to play the game."

"Do a check for hedgehog."


"She's very aware of this hedgehog."

"I stuck Fahime to the door by her sticky shoes and I'm trying to use her as a door handle."

Hit & Abyss Ep 62 Recap: Page Time!

Things are falling apart a bit but Page is making the best of it while she tries to get her parents out of jail.

It's fine.

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@Crash it's hard to swallow, but i don't want to be the one robin you of your dreams, so i won't be mocking, bird.

"If you feel in your heart that you are a bird, then who am I to judge?"

"... tweet."

Brace yourselves.

I'm editing another :dnd:โ€‹ session recording.

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Prometheus stealing fire then posting "who did this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ??" in the town square

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Anyone used Duplicati before? @Crash recommended me Carbonate as a offsite back up tool but it doesnโ€™t support Linux.

Took a nap because I was legitimately tired.

Woke up to a loud thump and neighbor kids outside asking "Did it break?" followed by several more thumps.

Also apparently things I cannot control are going to crap and I'm filled with irrational guilt for not being awake when it happened.

I know what that guilt really is.

It does not make it that much easier.

"That warms my cold, dead, DMing, and Middle School teaching heart."

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