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Copy editors can have little a typo, as a treat.

Apologies if you're online right now and seeing me overload your timeline but apparently CWing a super tall image doesn't keep it from being a super tall block of space and there's no redrafting I can do to fix that.

In any case, I like the new elephant on the elekk web interface.

Monty the Red Dragon wishes for you to know that you do not see him lying in wait near the freshly refilled bird feeder.

Everything is fine.

And don't those seeds look delicious?

The birds should surely come over and try some.

bee emoji 

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My cat's toebeans are far too cold.

My kitten needs mittens.

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My last online game (which I was not DMing) fell apart, so I'm thinking of running a 5e D&D campaign on Roll20. Who's interested?

#DnD #5e #Roll20

The year is 2035. All other social media have either died off or joined the fediverse.

William Shatner still can't find anyone though.

"What did you do on the moon?"


"What did you do TO the moon?!"

"I feel like you're giving us some sass."

"I think Warp 2 is a bit too fast for entering an atmosphere."

"I am intrigued and terrified."

"About the mechanical dragon or diplomacy?"


"The good news is it's more symmetrical."

"The bad news is it's just a chair."

"Hey, structural integrity."

"More of that."

"I've got that. I underlined it several times."

"Hey, I LIKE [NPC]!"

"You tried to convince him to jump across a 100 foot chasm."

"... and if you come back, we'll kill you."

"I say, this is excellent news!"

"I guess SOMEONE doesn't want to be a projectile."

"Well ... no."

"We're standing on the moon and talking about sharks."

"To a squid."

"I have found the ONE POINT of normalcy in this conversation."

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