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Article summary: Most PCs aren't making it past lvl 10 in campaigns.

D&D: Apparently There's No Country For High Level Characters - Bell of Lost Souls

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@Crash once the kobolds start they cannot be stopped

D&D can have a little kobold, as a treat.

Imagine there's no dragons
It isn't hard to do
There's no Radioactive
Or It Comes Back To You 🎵

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Return the Sending!
Wizard unknown
No such Warlock
No such gnome 🎵

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@Crash I tell my players that if they ever split the party, I'm flipping a coin to decide which split dies

"We can split the party one more time before people start losing parts."

meta, gratitude, repeating something 

"I also have Orc Mom for defense against Orc Mom Mom."

"I have some bad news for you."

"Page begrudgingly accepts."

"Character growth!"

"Lots of growth!"

"I rolled a 12 to disbelieve."

"Great, now the kenku can mimic profanities in infernal."

"Her favorite word might not be 'murder' any more."

"I keep forgetting that when Page says her hands are holding something down she doesn't mean the ones attached to her wrists."

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@Crash on this note, I would like to save other adventurers a world of heartache by reminding them that destroying an immensely powerful evil artifact should NOT be approached as an engineering problem first and foremost

"Next up are the rats. Oh. I forgot to mention that."

"Next up is 'Death To Everybody,' AKA [The Gunslinger]"

(The gunslinger then killed 3 opponents in a single turn.)

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